Working from Home Can Be Hard

It doesn’t have to be though!

Working from home has its benefits. From avoiding long transportation commutes to unproductive workspaces – it’s a dream come true in saving time. But with the coronavirus pandemic affecting everyone’s work, staying quarantined and working in a new space can be a challenge. With the millions of Americans working from home every day and dramatically increasing as we speak, it’s time to make the most of your home workspace. 

Keep reading for our four tips on how you, the WFH workforce, can be successful! 

Improve your work environment, remove distractions, and use this time to maximize efficiency. 

Have Efficient WFH Electronics

The most obvious things you need when working from home are the right devices. A reliable internet connection with a working computer and webcam are crucial. You’ll need to be able to cam when there are conference calls going on with other team members, and obviously a computer to be able to do tasks needed. And don’t forget a reliable phone with a good phone plan.

When you’re quarantined at home due to the coronavirus, our cellphones are going to be frequently used. From contacting friends/loved ones to sending out emails quickly to your employees/employers, you’ll need a good reliable phone with an inexpensive phone plan so that you don’t need to worry about expenses. With many companies shutting down or downsizing to make up for lost income, paying off expensive bills should be the last thing on your mind. Here are two great links for you to use if you want an inexpensive wireless phone plan with great benefits or a reliable phone that doesn’t break the bank. 

Make sure to call/email your IT department first so that all personal programs and software are up to date and running. You’ll be prepared having everything you need to access personal files and applications. 

The Right Space to Work from Home

It’s hard adjusting working from home if you frequently commute to work, so setting up a proper workspace is beneficial to your work and success. You don’t need expensive furniture or equipment, all you need is your desk. Start with a designated space in your house that is strictly for work only. This space should be far away from your bed like near a window to pour in natural light or to open up for fresh air. 

We recommend decorating your work desk with key essentials you’ll need to be productive. Things like a planner, a cup holder for markers/pens, and a calendar to keep track of deadlines. Your desk shouldn’t be cluttered, but it also shouldn’t be boring either. And if you don’t have a work desk, you can use the floor or a chair. You become the most creative when you need to be. 😉

Self-Discipline & Productivity

A workspace and the right tech equipment may be two of the most important things you need to get started – but the most important is you. Just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean your routine has to be drastically different. Set up your alarm to wake up at the same time you generally wake up for work, or find a good time to wake up (e.g. 8 AM). Doing this will keep you from sleeping in too much and waking up past noon. You should then shower and get dressed so you stay more in tune with your routine. Working in your bed with pajamas on just makes you even lazier. When you get dressed into your work clothing, you feel a boost of work motivation.

From there, start listing your work plans, examine your goals for the day, and the amount of time you should be working on your goals. This helps you keep track of time and becomes more conducive to your success. And being productive doesn’t have to be an end-all-be-all. Take scheduled breaks to snack, make lunch, and more. Once you change your routine to accommodate your home setting and continually do the same routine – it’ll be easier for you. 

WFH Mindset

Working and quarantining should be more focused and productive. But it also doesn’t mean you should stress all the time. The right mindset will help you feel less anxious and more successful in your work ethic. Make your space feel more relaxed but not too cozy. Fix up your space, rearrange your furniture, and sweep your floors. You’ll feel less cluttered physically and mentally so you can start your workday. 

The good thing about working from home is that you have more time now, since you do not need to be traveling for work. Use this extra time to take breaks when you’re working. Take time to meditate using apps/videos or exercising. And don’t forget that you’re not locked up at home. You can still walk around as long as you’re social distancing. A healthy and happy mindset is what will keep your workflow efficient. So use all the time you can to practice self-care and relaxation. 

Take your time readjusting to working in a home-setting and use our tips and suggestions to make working from home worthwhile. And that you’re an expert on it, what are some tips/recommendations you have for those finding it hard to adjust?

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