Coping with COVID-19

Girl leaning on knees sitting on windowsill and looking outside window

The outbreak of the coronavirus 2019 disease has caused a lot of stress and anxiety for people. Though temporary, fear and anxiety can be overwhelming and detrimental to a person’s mental health. With our tips and suggestions, coping with the pandemic will make you, your loved ones, and your community safer and stronger!

Everyone reacts differently to stressful situations. Responding to these situations with a positive attitude will help with your mental health as well as your community. Read on further for recommendations on how to keep your mental health up, and ways to take care of yourself during the coronavirus. 

Ways to Cope with Coronavirus

Take Social Media Breaks

    • With the mass amount of coverage surrounding the coronavirus, it’s a good idea to avoid watching, reading, and listening to news stories about the health crisis. Hearing and seeing it repeatedly can take a toll on your mental health so taking a break from the news and other social media outlets is a great help.
  • Your Health & Body is Important

    As a lot of people are stocking up on groceries and others shifting to remote learning, your priority should be self-care and caring for your health. There are a numerous amount of things you can do that is helpful to keep you both physically and mentally healthy:

    • Meditate and take deep breaths: Some companies and websites are offering free or reduced-priced courses on meditation and breathing to help relax your mental health. There are also lots of free ones on YouTube so you can stay calm and reduce anxiety. It’s quick, simple, and can relax the stress on the brain.
    • Eat balanced meals: Although we are all doing our part to stay home, it doesn’t mean you should forget everything and eat whatever is in your fridge. Stock up on balanced food options that can last a while: beans, rice, canned veggies, etc. A well-balanced diet will help so you don’t feel sluggish and lazy. But, don’t ignore guilty pleasures as well – chocolates, cookies, chips and other snacks can be good for the soul too!
    • Movement is key: Like above, you shouldn’t be laying in bed all day, every day. There are also free videos on YouTube so you can be motivated to exercise or stretch. Whether it’s 10 minutes or 5, this will help keep your body pumping. And with safety precautions, you can also jog or take walks outside.
    • Substances: Alcohol and drugs should be generally avoided as it can spike stress and anxiety for some. However, these can calm individuals down during times of distress so use these with precaution. Moderation is key so use discretion is advised.
  • Find Something to Keep You Company

    • With a lot of the workforce shifting to remote work at home due to COVID-19, there is more time than ever to do things. By saving commute time and traffic time, individuals have more time in the day to complete tasks. Find a hobby, complete a course online, or do one thing you’ve been wanting to do for a while but never had the time. By keeping ourselves and our family busy, we’re doing things we love than focusing on the negatives.
  • Physically Distance for COVID-19, not Socially

    • To flatten the curve and reduce the spread of COVID-19, individuals are advised to distance themselves. However, that doesn’t mean we should avoid everyone all together. Use this time to connect with others and rebuild relationships. Talk to people you trust your feelings too, and check in on others who are feeling the same way. Relating to someone with the same feelings as you are a good coping mechanism. Additionally, there are many sites you can use to video chat with loved ones everywhere. 
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    • We hope that these tips and suggestions help you stay safe and healthy during COVID-19. By doing your part to stay safe, you’re helping yourself stay healthy and the community as a whole.

      Remember that we are also here for you for any concerns you may have. Contact us if you have any other questions/concerns and share this with your friends and loved ones and let’s get through this!