Free Up Your Phone/Device Storage

message popup saying storage almost full

When’s the last time you organized and unloaded your phone/device?

Chances are, you’ve gotten a notification saying your phone or device storage is full, some point in your life. And it’s definitely common! Or when you try to take a photo with your family, but your phone can’t handle one more photo? We’ve been through that too many times to count. 

Luckily for you, there’s a number of easy ways you can do to reduce all that storage so your device can work smoother, and so that you can take more photos and actually put that storage to good use. Read on for some tips and tricks to store your photos safely, and help unload your device. 

Make the Cloud Storage your Best Friend 

  • Offloading your photos and other documents into a cloud storage will significantly help your phone storage. There’s so many apps that are being offered that help you manage your cloud storage and organize all your documents. From Apple, to Android, to Google, all of these companies have an app that syncs to the cloud allowing you to send all your photos there. They are free and easy to use. Keep in mind though that free versions aren’t unlimited or have only a small amount of space, so the more storage you need – you will need to pay. But for storage like Apple’s 200 GB for only $2.99 a month, it’s worth it in the long run! 

Unload and Manage Your Storage

  • Games and other social media apps actually take up a huge amount of space as well, aside from photos. Unfortunately, these things you can’t back up to the cloud, but there are some small things you can do to offset the amount of storage space you have. Some social media apps such as Twitter or Telegram allow you to delete all the data it has such as from playing videos. This allows you to delete cache files which in turn lowers the app storage and frees more space on your phone. For games, delete the ones you don’t use at all. The great thing is that phones like Apple lets you know when the last time you opened the game was. This should be your deciding factor on if you want to keep the game or not. Anything you haven’t opened after six months should just be deleted. But, if you have commitment issues with games, you also can just offload the game. What this does is remove all the cache and storage used but still keeping the documents and data. Once you decide to want to open/play the game again, all of the documents/data will sync again and you can play it once again. It will definitely free up all that unnecessary clutter. 

Get that External Storage Space

  • If you’ve done the rest and still need more space, a simply external USB is the way to go. They’re incredibly inexpensive and can have tons of storage space for when you need it. Unfortunately, many smartphones have such limited space, and there’s no ability to add more storage, so an external storage like a USB Flashdrive is another big help. Simply connect your phone to your laptop, transfer all photos and documents, connect the USB and transfer all data in that. Then, just delete it from your phone and laptop – and all your documents and data are safe on a third party flash drive. It’s very easy and safe. They’re all relatively cheap and come in varying sizes/shapes so it won’t take up too much of your money or desk space. 

By now you should be an expert on handling your phone storage! Have some other tips that’ll help remove storage and free up phone/device space? Comment them down below! 

The Future of Metrocards and OMNY

OMNY Replacing Metrocards?

OMNY which stands for One Metro New York is a contactless payment system that is currently still being implemented all over New York and its surrounding areas. Many New Yorkers know, but some may not. But by 2023, metro cards will be phased out by the MTA and replaced with a contactless payment method called OMNY.

As of December 31st, 2020, OMNY became available to all MTA buses and train stations. Now while this may cause some dissonance due to the integration of going cashless, and the fact that we can’t live in a cashless world, OMNY will become a huge step forward into more technological advancements. And with the ongoing pandemic as of this article, going contactless is a much safer and beneficial alternative to the MetroCard. 

The History of Metrocards

Before OMNY and even metro cards, tokens were used. But tokens became an inconvenience. They were heavy and made lots of noise. Thus in 1992, metro cards started being utilized.

These magnetic strip cards were refillable cards that took cash/card and then utilized on trains and buses. It was a much bigger convenience than token coins. And up till now, it was the best form of payment. There were many benefits to using a MetroCard such as buying a weekly or monthly card that allowed you to swipe unlimited times for a set amount of money. This saved a lot of money than paying consistently every time you enter the station. But now with new technological advancements, it became time to go even further, and out comes a payment method that didn’t require a physical card or the need to refill. 

How OMNY Works and Convenience

OMNY is basically a contactless payment method. This means that you can use any method that accepts tap. Such forms would be credit cards that allow tap or phones implementing payments like Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay. You would then just tap or hover your card/device over the OMNY reader and the payment would be accepted. 

Transfers and multiple riders are also acknowledged with OMNY. Just make sure that when you’re transferring, you’re using the same exact card you used and tap within the normal “two-hour window.” The same goes for multiple riders! Pay for how many riders you have and once transferring, tap the same amount of times, and the system will read them as free transfers. 

And for the people that can’t have cards or prefer to pay cash? OMNY will most likely create a card similar to a MetroCard that you don’t need to swipe. You just fill it with cash, and the card will be accepted at OMNY readers for you to just tap and go. 

Upgrade with OMNY

And while OMNY is still being phased in, consider getting a new advanced phone that is compatible with the likes of OMNY. 

The convenience of this system is that you don’t need your physical wallet on hand. It is much safer and reduces the risk of having your wallet snatched or robbed from you. It’s also much faster than taking out your wallet if you use a phone. Just implement your digital wallet, tap the card you want to pay, and go. It’s that simple! You can even choose what card you want to use, instead of searching for your MetroCard or having to think about what card you need to use to refill your MetroCard. 

Look no further to advance your phone and check out Allvoi’s wide variety of smartphones. From the Apple iPhone 12 Pro to the Samsung Galaxy Ultra 5G, get familiar with all the new advancements these smartphones have to offer. With various phone storages and an array of vibrant colors, 100% guarantee that you’ll find a phone that speaks to you. Here are all the best phones Allvoi has to offer!

Get excited with the new advancements that OMNY has to offer, and get started on preparing for the phase-out process! Call your bank to send you a card that offers a tap payment method, or update/upgrade your older phone to implement a digital wallet with the likes of Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay. 

Cellphones and Healthcare for the Future

Phone with cross on screen and medical supplies around it

Here are some top advantages of using mobile devices for patients/providers, and the benefits of using them for healthcare:

  • Better Care & Communication 
    • As soon as patients are discharged from the clinics/hospitals, they are given instructions, follow-up protocols, and prescriptions to take. Sometimes though, it can be overwhelming and patients leave even more confused. And with how fast-paced and unexpected these offices can be, it is sometimes hard to reach your care provider or doctor. But with cellphones, doctors and nurses can follow-up much easier. Through online messaging systems or video calls, providers and patients can talk any time and anywhere without the need of visiting the office or waiting days to talk to one/getting an appointment. These devices allow for better, much faster communication whilst decreasing confusion and patient readmission – making the process much smoother for the patient and the doctors. 
  • Accurate Patient Data Management 
    • With hospital policies and rules set, healthcare providers only have a certain amount of information they can access. However, cellphones and devices are changing this system. Phones, computers, and other devices can start supporting hospital systems that keep logs and track of patients. Patients can even log in their own information that providers can see, thus keeping track of the data of these patients. This makes patient care much more accurate and can dramatically improve patient care through collaborative efforts.
  • Provider Convenience 
    • Whether an intern, a resident, or a doctor, sometimes you have to lug around textbooks or folders filled with tons of paperwork. Portable devices such as cellphones are incredibly beneficial in storing and accessing information much easier. Instead of running around to find papers or carrying books everywhere, students and providers can access information through one small mini-computer. These devices give providers and doctors a huge sigh of relief and convenience. This can also make it quicker to access information of patients when one is busy handling many tasks.
  • Patient Convenience 
    • As stated above, it is much easier for patients to access their information right on their phones or even make appointments without a phone call. Take the COVID-19 testing log. Patients can now access their test results right on their phones much quickly. Rather than waiting for a call from their provider, patients can just access their test results from their testing site’s system. And some clinics that allow for online prescription collaborations (e.g. Capsule) can have patients set reminders for refills on medication. This makes it more convenient when we are all busy thinking about other priorities.

No doubt that cellphones and other technologies have changed our routines. But it is significantly changing the path of healthcare for the better. Whether it is for doctors to communicate smoother with their patients, or to keep patient logs/documents organized and easily accessed, mobile phone technologies are making these different areas more accurate, and more refined, for an improved healthcare process.

COVID-19 Phone Tracker: Your Little Safety Device

Phone showing COVID-19 app notification

Stay Safe with COVID-19 Phone Trackers

It’s safe to say, that with the advancement of new technologies, new positive outcomes have also come out. Two big tech giants, Apple and Google have released apps built to track the novel coronavirus. Sparking unexpected collaboration with public health authorities, these two companies have made it easier to track and be aware of the pandemic. COVID-19 or Coronavirus is still a serious threat around the globe, but an unexpected little device can be one of your best lines of defense against the virus. Yes, that little phone in your pocket can possibly keep you and your family safe! 

The apps work by sharing anonymous Bluetooth waves with other nearby phones running the same software, notifying the person if any individual near their radar has possibly been in close contact with the coronavirus within the last 14 days. If an individual is COVID-19 positive, a code is inputted into the app and stored into a health-authority server that makes the anonymous data available to the app when it refreshes daily. So, should the app see a report and it matches a close-contact list, it also suggests quarantining or getting tested due to possible exposure. 

Consider New Devices: Better Performance and Tracker

Because these two apps are better designed for newer phones and software, maybe it’s time to consider getting a new phone? The exposure or tracker apps require iOS 13.5 and up, or Android 6 and newer. If you’re not updated on any of these, we highly recommend switching so you can stay safe and alert during the pandemic. And why waste searching? Easily get a new phone from Allvoi! Our wide variety of the latest and trendiest phones such as the Apple iPhone 12 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G are powerhouses able to do so much and keep you safe with the latest coronavirus apps.

We also have phones such as the Apple iPhone XR and the Samsung Galaxy S9 for those not wanting to spend so much. We get it – this pandemic has hit financial hardships, but Allvoi guarantees all our phones are on the latest software, securing your health and your family’s health. Check them out and see which one fits you!

Precautions Just as Important as Tracing Apps

Now we don’t want to send the wrong message – phones are definitely an important part of preventing the spread of the virus. Using COVID-19 tracing/exposure apps on your phone, and socially-distancing by video-calling or phone-calling are integral to stopping the spread. But there are just-as-important steps you can take:

  1. Wearing a mask at all times, regardless of who you are with and where you are (the home is an exception)
  2. Limiting gatherings even in the home 
  3. Washing hands/using hand sanitizer when necessary
  4.  Staying 6 ft apart from one another

All of these precautions are just as important, and as citizens, we have to do our part to keep ourselves, our loved ones, and our friends safe! 

Need more COVID-19 resources? Check out or COVID-19 blog section for other helpful resources/tips so you and your loved ones can stay safe and healthy! 

Why Should You Declutter Your Digital Life?

Image showing computer and icons with "Declutter Your Digital Life" on phone screen

With many of us staying home during the pandemic, what better way to keep us entertained than our phones and laptops? We rely heavily now on our phones to eat, exercise, get news, socialize, and more; it’s no wonder we’re glued to our phones. But that can lead to some not so nice consequences for your devices. 

All this time spent on our devices can lead to some disorganized habits, making it harder to stay digitally organized. This can lead you to become less productive, much lazier, and can even make your phone work slower. Lucky for you, we’re here to help you crack down and declutter your phone – for a more organized and productive lifestyle. 

So How Should You Declutter?

There are so many things you can do to help fully organize your phone and laptop documents/data. Here are just a couple of tips to help your device speed, storage, layout, and more:

Purge those Old Docs

If I told you that your college essay from 3 years ago, and that old lease agreement that you still weirdly keep is unnecessary now, I’m sure you’d feel attacked and want to keep it “just in case.” But I am here to tell you that you don’t need those documents/files anymore. What are you saving them for? Throw all those unneeded files and documents in the trash. You’ll save much more space for newer, more important documents, and you’ll have a cleaner folder to work with. 

That Screen needs Serious Cleaning

Nothing’s scarier than a computer screen and phone screen with billions of documents/notes laid out randomly. It’s highly distracting, overwhelming, and a huge productivity killer when one sees it. Now what if I told you that-that app you downloaded a week ago and still haven’t touched should be deleted, would you do it? Yes you heard me, delete those apps! It’ll help make your computer/phone screen look more organized. Even more, smartphones can now tell you when the last time you used a specific app was – and it’s very helpful when you need to know what apps to delete. 

With new technologies rolling around, there are new features that can also help declutter your screen. Many smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone come with features to hide apps, or hide disorganized screen pages. This is definitely helpful when you need certain apps, but don’t want it to mess up your screen. Or when you want to open your phone, but don’t want to be distracted by other apps. Of course it’s always better to just delete apps when you don’t need them or aren’t using them, but if you want to hold on to apps that you may think you need, this feature is definitely helpful.

And lucky for you, Allvoi now offers more smartphones that’ll help keep your digital life decluttered! Choose between some of the latest models of Apple like the iPhone 11 and Samsung like the Galaxy S20 – all at affordable prices and affordable cellphone plans! 

Turn Off Useless Phone Notifications

If you’ve ever tried to scroll through many unnecessary notifications to get to a particularly important one, then it’s time to turn off useless notifications. And what’s even more worse is trying to get a notification you’ve been waiting for, when all you get is another random notification from an app you barely use. Good thing is that it’s very easy to solve. Either go into your settings and turn off notifications for the specific app, or even delete the app if you don’t use it at all.

You get more storage, a cleaner notification screen, and a more productive workflow. No spam notifications means fewer distractions so you can work on what’s important to you.

Declutter Your Digital Life

By using our techniques, you’ll be able to focus on what’s important! No more old essays from years ago, no more random files you’ve accessed online. And you get a much cleaner phone screen/notification screen. By doing this, you’ll have a more productive workspace without such distracting and overwhelming notifications or apps. 

Have any other tips you want to share that’ll help? Comment them down below. And don’t forget to check all the new phones Allvoi now offers – we promise you the latest and greatest!

Allvoi Wireless Now Offers a Wider Selection of Powerful and Trendy Smartphones

Allvoi Wireless, a Telecommunications Company focusing on smart prices for a premium wireless network, now offers an even wider selection of powerful and trendy smartphones like the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy!

New York, NY: Following Allvoi Wireless’ journey as one of the leading premium wireless providers with their free and inexpensive smartphones, Allvoi Wireless now offers a huge selection of powerful performing smartphones like the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. By offering a huge variety of smartphones, customers interested in the latest models of smartphones, can now get and use one with the Allvoi Wireless network! This opens more doors and opportunities for younger customers and tech-savvy customers to flex their new phones while being on a wireless network that cares for the customer and their budget. Interested in getting your hands on one of these power-performing smartphones? All smartphones are already released on the Allvoi Wireless website for you to purchase. Head there now and get yourself some of the greatest and trendiest smartphones out there. Check out our website for all phones, services, and more at

To make things easier, here are all the new smartphones that Allvoi Wireless offers with all specs included: 

Apple iPhoneSamsung Galaxy
Apple iPhone 11(White Black, Green, Yellow, Purple in 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB)Samsung Galaxy S10e (Prism Black in 128 GB and Prism Blue and White in 256 GB)
Apple iPhone 11 Pro (Space Gray, Silver, Midnight Green, Gold in 64 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB)Samsung Galaxy S10 (Prism Black in 128 GB and Prism Black and White in 512 GB)
Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max(Space Gray, Silver, Midnight Green, Gold in 64 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB)Samsung Galaxy S10+ (Prism Black in 128 GB and White in 1 TB)
Samsung Galaxy S20 (Cosmic Gray, Cloud Blue, and Cloud Pink in 128 GB)
Samsung Galaxy S20+ (Cosmic Gray, Cosmic Black, Cloud Blue, and Aura Blue in 128 GB; and Cosmic Black in 512 GB)
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G (Cosmic Gray and Cosmic Black in 128 GB)

Interested in getting your hands on one of these power-performing smartphones? All smartphones are already released on the Allvoi Wireless website for you to purchase. Head there now and get yourself some of the greatest and trendiest smartphones out there. Check out our website for all phones, services, and more at

About Allvoi Wireless: Allvoi Wireless is a leading wireless carrier in providing superior wireless network and service plans at better prices than the other competition. Get Unlimited Data, Talk & Text and access a reliable US network at a fraction of the price, with even more features! Enjoy free international calling, video-streaming, the groundbreaking 5G LTE, and more.

What To Do About Those Pesky Scam Calls?

Scam calls, spam calls, robo calls – all these annoying callers are being a problem, and can be potentially dangerous if you’re not careful! 

Just last year, the American people received over 58 billion scam calls, a huge increase of over 22% from 2018 data. And with over 3 billion scam calls in just July 2020 alone, unfortunately things won’t be improving for the last 4 months of 2020. 

But that shouldn’t stop you from protecting yourself, your loved ones, and your data. Keep reading below for ways to stop those pesky scams calls and take control of your phone once and for all!

Scam Calls: What Are They?

They’re often associated with telemarketers or even worse, scammers. Scam calls are just what they are – calls made by scammers. But the main culprit are robot calls. Robot or Robo Calls are autodialed phone calls that deliver prerecorded phone messages to everyday consumers like us. 

Though, some robocalls are legal. When it comes to donations, political calls, etc. these are totally acceptable. But the reality is that these calls are significantly less than scam robocalls. 

But What’s the Big Deal?

First and foremost, we know that they’re incredibly annoying. We get these same call numbers frequently, even every day, and we just want it to stop. 

But it’s a little more than incredibly annoying. 

Scam calls can block you from reaching people who actually need you. What if you miss a call from a friend or an important and unexpected call from your boss because you accidentally answered the robocall? Even worse, some medical professionals have claimed that it’s getting harder to reach their patients due to robocalls. 

This nuisance has unfortunately changed the way we use our phone for the worse.

The Dreaded Scam Call

Robocalls can even dangerously progress to a scam call if you’re not too careful.  Scammers use robocalls to trick potential victims by pretending to be actual institutions like banks or cable providers. They then ask for personal information or financial information from the victim to help “resolve the issue.” 

Scammers can then use that information for their own personal gain. And what’s even worse is that Americans have lost over $9.5 billions dollars falling for scams every year. This has caused disastrous consequences for people who are deceived easily. 

But it’s not hard to prevent falling for scam calls either!

How Do I Stop Scam Calls Once and for All? 

There are some simple ways to stop getting scam calls, robocalls and other annoying callers trying to waste your time. 

There are certain apps, like YouMail which helps identify unanswered calls and if they spot scams and robocalls, YouMail will flag the number and block them so that the number can’t call anymore. Even better, if a suspicious number comes up calling, YouMail will forward the “out-of-service” tone so scammers will assume the number isn’t working anymore. 

But if that is a little too tech-savvy for you and you want to go more simpler, some phone providers and carriers have added features to identify scam calls and robocalls so you don’t have to answer them. Some are free that come with your wireless phone plan, and others are a small fee that’s totally worth it. 

At Allvoi Wireless, some of our unlimited phone plans like the Unlimited Starter and Unlimited Performance come with a feature that allows you to control fraudulent and unwanted phone calls. Best of all, it’s free so you don’t pay an extra charge for trying to rid of those pesky scam callers. It’s an added bonus to a great wireless phone plan! 

Don’t wait to ignore those scam calls that keep harassing you and your phone – do something about it! Whether you download an app or get a phone plan that comes with a scam call feature, know that you’re keeping you and your data safe and sound!

Get the Best 5G Network on Your Budget 

Photo of 5G phrase on top of Earth at night

Rolling out one of the biggest changes in 2020, Allvoi has you covered with 5G Network! Do more with faster speeds, quicker communications, and network everything, all on Allvoi’s 5G network. 

But first, what is 5G? And why is it so important?

What Can’t You Do with 5G?

3G coming out was old news, and we’re all most likely currently using 4G LTE on our phones. But, 5G will transform and significantly change the role of wireless in our lives. 

By replacing 4G LTE, 5G will drastically boost the speed of downloads and uploads, while also reducing latency. Latency, which is the time it takes for devices to communicate with wireless networks will reduce, making it so that you might not even need a cable modem or Wi-Fi signal. With the ever-evolving field of telecommunications, and phones becoming more advanced – it’s time for you to decide whether 5G wireless service is best for you! 

Better Performance, Even Better Savings

At Allvoi, our prices are inexpensive, high-quality, reliable, and greatly beats the other carriers out there. Our “Unlimited Performance” and “Unlimited Elite” wireless plans bring you the best in what you want in a phone plan with 5G without breaking your budget. 

Get up to a whopping 50 GB of unlimited 4G LTE data for only $80 per line. And get access to the groundbreaking 5G network with your qualifying 5G phone in over 30 states! Taxes and fees are already included in the plan so you’re not paying a cent more. Forget about all those pesky fees you didn’t sign up for!

What else do you get with our unlimited wireless plans? Unlimited talk & text is always included and free international calling to over 40 destinations worldwide so you never miss a connection with your loved ones. Stay committed to your own device and phone number because you can keep both when you switch to Allvoi. HotSpot whenever you need it for other devices, and many other benefits when you choose the carrier that actually cares for you. 

If you want to stay ahead of the game, get the best performance at the best quality with Allvoi 5G Wireless. Backed by multiple networks including AT&T’s, you get strong and reliable connections throughout the U.S.

Money-saving Tip: Adding more lines into your primary line can save you even more money. Read our article on how you can lower your phone bill and save even more. 

5G Devices 

Right now our 5G Mobile Wireless plans are for customers that own or support a 5G supported device.

With our simple process to switch easily, you can keep your phone number and start using our affordable unlimited wireless plans and start saving at once. Don’t waste time either as there’s no validation needed. Just pick one of our unlimited 5G plans, switch your phone number and device over to Allvoi Wireless, and start loving your phone and our plan. 

You can also still switch easily with any device that you have and keep your phone number as well, no 5G needed. Here’s how to switch with ease to Allvoi.

5G Coverage Where? Everywhere!

Allvoi Wireless is working to connect the whole country to 5G. We’re proud to let you know that 5G coverage is up and running for all 5G devices in over 30 states – and it doesn’t stop there. We’re striving to make 5G available nationwide! 

But for now, scan our list to see if your state is 5G compatible:





How Does Our 5G Compare to The Rest?

While the other carriers like the Big 4 have devices you can choose from, that’s no comparison to how much you’d be paying monthly for 5G access. While 5G is the new revolutionary network, that doesn’t mean you should pay a costly amount just to use the service. 

At Verizon Wireless, you can get unlimited 5G data at an incredibly expensive price of up to $100. While you can get unlimited 4G LTE at up to 75 GB of data, you don’t need all that data that will practically go unused. The average consumer only uses about 3 GB of data. So why are you paying so much for unused data? While Verizon plans do come with some good benefits like an Apple subscription and HD streaming, you’re paying so much for data that will just go to waste. And with the fees, your phone bill can skyrocket when all you want is access to 5G. So are these plans really worth it?

On the other hand, T-Mobile 5G wireless plans are cheaper, but the cons outweigh the benefits, unfortunately. As per T-Mobile’s FAQ, all their plans include 5G at no extra cost. While that seems good, it’s best to also check out the actual plan to see if it is right for you.  At $65 all the way up to $90 for their best plan, you get unlimited 4G LTE data and talk & text, and a Netflix subscription but that’s about it. And just like Verizon Wireless, your bill with come with many fees like service fees, installation fees, etc. Even the cheapest plan at T-Mobile can turn into the most expensive. 

Want to know more about we compare and beat all other carriers? Explore more and see why we’re the best alternative!

So how does Allvoi Wireless 5G compare?

Choose Allvoi: The 5G Wireless For You

Your perfect 5G carrier is with us! Shopping for a wireless phone plan that supports your 5G phone? Look no further than Allvoi and switch easily. Worried about coverage in your area? Allvoi spans all across the US with coverage everywhere with 4G LTE and 5G in over 30 states. You won’t miss a connection in even the most remote areas. Our plans are created with you in mind which is why our prices won’t break you and your budget!

Sign up now and browse all our unlimited phone plans or give us a call to help you decide which Allvoi Wireless plan is best for you! 

Are You Wasting Money on Data Usage?

Everyone needs and uses data, and that is a huge understatement! We use our phone data to stream movies, scroll through social media and surf the Internet. And with high competition from most carriers, more customers are scoring huge deals on unlimited wireless data plans.

These unlimited wireless plans are incredibly appealing because who doesn’t love unlimited data? Keep streaming, scrolling and surfing the Internet without ever thinking how much data you have left! But, is all this data a worthwhile investment? Are you truly wasting all your money on data that you’ll never use?

Let’s dive deeper into this subject and answer your questions on data usage.

Little Data Usage, Lost Dollars

Findings from a study on 1,000 Americans has shown that most of these wireless phone customers are buying data that they will likely never use. These customers spend almost $200 a year on unused data if they are paying for their data plans! It’s not hard to save on your data especially if you’re paying monthly for it; but there are some tips and tricks you can do to help reduce the amount of data you use. Think of how much money you could be saving if you dove deeper into your data usage.

Data-Usage Saving Strategies

  • Use open Wi-Fi networks when possible, just be careful of where you’re connecting to, due to security threats that public networks pose.
  • Download videos and audio on Wi-Fi, such as when you are at home. That way, you can listen/watch offline if you can’t connect to a network, rather than downloading them with your data.
  • Turn off apps that eat your data in the background when they’re not in use, and delete certain apps that you don’t use at all that take up too much data. It’ll help declutter your phone too!
  • Always make sure that you’re using Wi-Fi. Sometimes, your connection drops and you automatically connect to your data without you even knowing. Check to make sure you’re not wasting precious data so you can save more money.

Want more money-saving strategies and tips? Check our article for more money-saving tips so you don’t have to break the bank and your budget.

If you did everything and are still paying too much and wasting all your data, maybe it’s time to switch carriers?

Save Big on Data Usage with Allvoi

Did you know that unlimited wireless phone plan customers get a better deal with every gigabyte? Unlimited plans are better for those who use the full potential of their data. And much of these customers stream videos, audio, and scroll through apps all day. But what if I told you that you can save a whole lot more when you switch to Allvoi?

When you sign up with one of Allvoi’s unlimited wireless phone plans, you can get unlimited data, talk & text at the lowest rates in the market! Choose our Unlimited Plan or Unlimited Plus Plan and get unlimited data with even more benefits like Hulu on us, free HotSpot and free international calling to over 40 destinations worldwide. You don’t even pay a cent more as taxes and fees are all included in the pricing.

If you are someone who is paying a high amount for unlimited data, maybe consider switching to Allvoi? And, if you are someone who wastes so much unused data and paying so much – Allvoi may be the answer to your savings!

Don’t believe us? Check out all our wireless plans and contact us if you have more questions. Allvoi is here to help – saving you, and your budget.

Wondering What To Do with That Old Phone?

Don’t Let Your Old Phone Collect Dust! 

We get it – you’ve had the same phone for over 5 years now. Maybe the battery isn’t working or your phone model is so five seasons ago. Whatever the case may be, don’t give it away to those weird YouTube melting videos. Read more for some tips and suggestions on what you can do with your old cellphone, instead of letting it collect dust in your drawer. 

Give It Away! 

Just because your old cellphone is well… old, doesn’t mean that it has no more life to live! Consider donating your phone. There are many organizations/charities such as Cell Phones for Soldiers that will bring your old working phones to a home that won’t toss it in the drawer. Or, you can even give it to another family member (maybe the less tech-savvy). That way, you’ll know who you’re giving it to and trust the person you’re giving it to. 

Psst… I Hear You’re Selling That Old Phone? 

Make some cash with that bad boy – it’s better than letting it sit around. There are many sites that you can sell your cellphone on eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and even LetGo. Use that cash for your new phone bill or a new phone! Guess who has two thumbs up and winning money?

Allvoi Bring Your Own Device Phone Program

Allvoi is proud to present our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Program. With our program, you are able to link your old cellphone to Allvoi’s wireless plans. Just make sure that it is compatible with us and you’ll be able to start saving your wallet and the planet. Our no-contract wireless plans are some of the lowest in the market and come with unlimited data, talk & text, free international calling, and much more! 

Best of all, when you use our BYOD program, you’re eligible for 3 months of your service – FREE! That’s no extra charge for bringing your old cellphone and reusing it. Make the most out of our BYOD program! But, if you’re not going to use it, hand your old phone to a loved one so that they can get our amazing deal. It’s a win-win for you and for the planet. 

Save The Planet and Recycle That Old Phone

Make a difference and recycle your old cellphone – especially if it’s really old. You’re saving the planet, you’re saving the animals, and most importantly, you’re saving yourself. Check your phone company for their recycling programs or look online for other sources to recycle your old phone. 

There are many different things you can do with your old phone, whether it’s selling, recycling, or signing up with Allvoi’s BYOD Program. But most importantly, it’s helping you and the planet. Get started today!