Get the Best 5G Network on Your Budget 

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Rolling out one of the biggest changes in 2020, Allvoi has you covered with 5G Network! Do more with faster speeds, quicker communications, and network everything, all on Allvoi’s 5G network. 

But first, what is 5G? And why is it so important?

What Can’t You Do with 5G?

3G coming out was old news, and we’re all most likely currently using 4G LTE on our phones. But, 5G will transform and significantly change the role of wireless in our lives. 

By replacing 4G LTE, 5G will drastically boost the speed of downloads and uploads, while also reducing latency. Latency, which is the time it takes for devices to communicate with wireless networks will reduce, making it so that you might not even need a cable modem or Wi-Fi signal. With the ever-evolving field of telecommunications, and phones becoming more advanced – it’s time for you to decide whether 5G wireless service is best for you! 

Better Performance, Even Better Savings

At Allvoi, our prices are inexpensive, high-quality, reliable, and greatly beats the other carriers out there. Our “Unlimited Performance” and “Unlimited Elite” wireless plans bring you the best in what you want in a phone plan with 5G without breaking your budget. 

Get up to a whopping 50 GB of unlimited 4G LTE data for only $80 per line. And get access to the groundbreaking 5G network with your qualifying 5G phone in over 30 states! Taxes and fees are already included in the plan so you’re not paying a cent more. Forget about all those pesky fees you didn’t sign up for!

What else do you get with our unlimited wireless plans? Unlimited talk & text is always included and free international calling to over 40 destinations worldwide so you never miss a connection with your loved ones. Stay committed to your own device and phone number because you can keep both when you switch to Allvoi. HotSpot whenever you need it for other devices, and many other benefits when you choose the carrier that actually cares for you. 

If you want to stay ahead of the game, get the best performance at the best quality with Allvoi 5G Wireless. Backed by multiple networks including AT&T’s, you get strong and reliable connections throughout the U.S.

Money-saving Tip: Adding more lines into your primary line can save you even more money. Read our article on how you can lower your phone bill and save even more. 

5G Devices 

Right now our 5G Mobile Wireless plans are for customers that own or support a 5G supported device.

With our simple process to switch easily, you can keep your phone number and start using our affordable unlimited wireless plans and start saving at once. Don’t waste time either as there’s no validation needed. Just pick one of our unlimited 5G plans, switch your phone number and device over to Allvoi Wireless, and start loving your phone and our plan. 

You can also still switch easily with any device that you have and keep your phone number as well, no 5G needed. Here’s how to switch with ease to Allvoi.

5G Coverage Where? Everywhere!

Allvoi Wireless is working to connect the whole country to 5G. We’re proud to let you know that 5G coverage is up and running for all 5G devices in over 30 states – and it doesn’t stop there. We’re striving to make 5G available nationwide! 

But for now, scan our list to see if your state is 5G compatible:





How Does Our 5G Compare to The Rest?

While the other carriers like the Big 4 have devices you can choose from, that’s no comparison to how much you’d be paying monthly for 5G access. While 5G is the new revolutionary network, that doesn’t mean you should pay a costly amount just to use the service. 

At Verizon Wireless, you can get unlimited 5G data at an incredibly expensive price of up to $100. While you can get unlimited 4G LTE at up to 75 GB of data, you don’t need all that data that will practically go unused. The average consumer only uses about 3 GB of data. So why are you paying so much for unused data? While Verizon plans do come with some good benefits like an Apple subscription and HD streaming, you’re paying so much for data that will just go to waste. And with the fees, your phone bill can skyrocket when all you want is access to 5G. So are these plans really worth it?

On the other hand, T-Mobile 5G wireless plans are cheaper, but the cons outweigh the benefits, unfortunately. As per T-Mobile’s FAQ, all their plans include 5G at no extra cost. While that seems good, it’s best to also check out the actual plan to see if it is right for you.  At $65 all the way up to $90 for their best plan, you get unlimited 4G LTE data and talk & text, and a Netflix subscription but that’s about it. And just like Verizon Wireless, your bill with come with many fees like service fees, installation fees, etc. Even the cheapest plan at T-Mobile can turn into the most expensive. 

Want to know more about we compare and beat all other carriers? Explore more and see why we’re the best alternative!

So how does Allvoi Wireless 5G compare?

Choose Allvoi: The 5G Wireless For You

Your perfect 5G carrier is with us! Shopping for a wireless phone plan that supports your 5G phone? Look no further than Allvoi and switch easily. Worried about coverage in your area? Allvoi spans all across the US with coverage everywhere with 4G LTE and 5G in over 30 states. You won’t miss a connection in even the most remote areas. Our plans are created with you in mind which is why our prices won’t break you and your budget!

Sign up now and browse all our unlimited phone plans or give us a call to help you decide which Allvoi Wireless plan is best for you! 

Are You Wasting Money on Data Usage?

Everyone needs and uses data, and that is a huge understatement! We use our phone data to stream movies, scroll through social media and surf the Internet. And with high competition from most carriers, more customers are scoring huge deals on unlimited wireless data plans.

These unlimited wireless plans are incredibly appealing because who doesn’t love unlimited data? Keep streaming, scrolling and surfing the Internet without ever thinking how much data you have left! But, is all this data a worthwhile investment? Are you truly wasting all your money on data that you’ll never use?

Let’s dive deeper into this subject and answer your questions on data usage.

Little Data Usage, Lost Dollars

Findings from a study on 1,000 Americans has shown that most of these wireless phone customers are buying data that they will likely never use. These customers spend almost $200 a year on unused data if they are paying for their data plans! It’s not hard to save on your data especially if you’re paying monthly for it; but there are some tips and tricks you can do to help reduce the amount of data you use. Think of how much money you could be saving if you dove deeper into your data usage.

Data-Usage Saving Strategies

  • Use open Wi-Fi networks when possible, just be careful of where you’re connecting to, due to security threats that public networks pose.
  • Download videos and audio on Wi-Fi, such as when you are at home. That way, you can listen/watch offline if you can’t connect to a network, rather than downloading them with your data.
  • Turn off apps that eat your data in the background when they’re not in use, and delete certain apps that you don’t use at all that take up too much data. It’ll help declutter your phone too!
  • Always make sure that you’re using Wi-Fi. Sometimes, your connection drops and you automatically connect to your data without you even knowing. Check to make sure you’re not wasting precious data so you can save more money.

Want more money-saving strategies and tips? Check our article for more money-saving tips so you don’t have to break the bank and your budget.

If you did everything and are still paying too much and wasting all your data, maybe it’s time to switch carriers?

Save Big on Data Usage with Allvoi

Did you know that unlimited wireless phone plan customers get a better deal with every gigabyte? Unlimited plans are better for those who use the full potential of their data. And much of these customers stream videos, audio, and scroll through apps all day. But what if I told you that you can save a whole lot more when you switch to Allvoi?

When you sign up with one of Allvoi’s unlimited wireless phone plans, you can get unlimited data, talk & text at the lowest rates in the market! Choose our Unlimited Plan or Unlimited Plus Plan and get unlimited data with even more benefits like Hulu on us, free HotSpot and free international calling to over 40 destinations worldwide. You don’t even pay a cent more as taxes and fees are all included in the pricing.

If you are someone who is paying a high amount for unlimited data, maybe consider switching to Allvoi? And, if you are someone who wastes so much unused data and paying so much – Allvoi may be the answer to your savings!

Don’t believe us? Check out all our wireless plans and contact us if you have more questions. Allvoi is here to help – saving you, and your budget.

Wondering What To Do with That Old Phone?

Don’t Let Your Old Phone Collect Dust! 

We get it – you’ve had the same phone for over 5 years now. Maybe the battery isn’t working or your phone model is so five seasons ago. Whatever the case may be, don’t give it away to those weird YouTube melting videos. Read more for some tips and suggestions on what you can do with your old cellphone, instead of letting it collect dust in your drawer. 

Give It Away! 

Just because your old cellphone is well… old, doesn’t mean that it has no more life to live! Consider donating your phone. There are many organizations/charities such as Cell Phones for Soldiers that will bring your old working phones to a home that won’t toss it in the drawer. Or, you can even give it to another family member (maybe the less tech-savvy). That way, you’ll know who you’re giving it to and trust the person you’re giving it to. 

Psst… I Hear You’re Selling That Old Phone? 

Make some cash with that bad boy – it’s better than letting it sit around. There are many sites that you can sell your cellphone on eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and even LetGo. Use that cash for your new phone bill or a new phone! Guess who has two thumbs up and winning money?

Allvoi Bring Your Own Device Phone Program

Allvoi is proud to present our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Program. With our program, you are able to link your old cellphone to Allvoi’s wireless plans. Just make sure that it is compatible with us and you’ll be able to start saving your wallet and the planet. Our no-contract wireless plans are some of the lowest in the market and come with unlimited data, talk & text, free international calling, and much more! 

Best of all, when you use our BYOD program, you’re eligible for 3 months of your service – FREE! That’s no extra charge for bringing your old cellphone and reusing it. Make the most out of our BYOD program! But, if you’re not going to use it, hand your old phone to a loved one so that they can get our amazing deal. It’s a win-win for you and for the planet. 

Save The Planet and Recycle That Old Phone

Make a difference and recycle your old cellphone – especially if it’s really old. You’re saving the planet, you’re saving the animals, and most importantly, you’re saving yourself. Check your phone company for their recycling programs or look online for other sources to recycle your old phone. 

There are many different things you can do with your old phone, whether it’s selling, recycling, or signing up with Allvoi’s BYOD Program. But most importantly, it’s helping you and the planet. Get started today!

Best Unlimited Wireless Yearly Plans Beats Competitors

When you sign up for an unlimited wireless plan from Allvoi, you get great benefits such as unlimited data, talk & text at the lowest rates in the market! Best all of, you get many benefits like FREE international calling, HotSpot, and Hulu on us at no extra charge. (Check out all our monthly plans here for the best rates on unlimited wireless phone plans.) BUT, it gets even better.

2 Months of Free Service

Allvoi guarantees that you’ll love our reliable wireless service so much, that we’re changing the game and created year plans. Pay for one whole year without needing to worry about the next month, and still get the same benefits at huge discounted savings. Choose from 4 different plans ranging from $150 – $500.

Sounds like a lot of money right? BUT! All our unlimited plans come with unlimited talk & text. That’s right – more freedom to text whomever… whenever! Talk as much as you want without worrying or stressing about losing minutes. And data? Unlimited data is also included so you can scroll through social media, surf the internet and stream your videos! You even have free international calling included to over 40 destinations and discounted rates to over 120 countries worldwide.

There’s also a great promotion from Allvoi that won’t last long!

  • Subscribe to a yearly wireless plan from Allvoi,
  • You only pay for 10 months.
  • You get two months free of cost!
  • No extra charges for you,
  • No contract needed,
  • And more time for you to start loving our service. 

Browse through all our yearly unlimited plans and see which works for you. We guarantee you’ll find a plan that suits your needs.

Best On a Market Yearly Plans? YES! 

Yearly Plans aren’t something new. But, Allvoi is making it bigger and better than ever. With unlimited data, talk & text, and free international calling – you can’t beat that deal anywhere. Not even that cute little green fox from Mint Mobile. Be careful with the fox’s Year Plan with the highest amount of data, as it can cost you $300. It includes unlimited talk & text as well as limited 12 GB of 4G LTE data. That’s about it, no added benefits or little extras.

Allvoi is beating competitors with our best yearly unlimited wireless plan. When you subscribe to our unlimited annual plan, you get unlimited talk & text… and data! You get all three at no extra cost. Fast, reliable coverage at nationwide 4G LTE so you can stream, scroll, and surf without any fees. There’s also free international calling included and if you act fast, you’re only paying for 10 months with two months free – at the $300 price point. The same price as Mint Mobile, but better – now that says a lot!

What other company does what we do? Allvoi is the company for you, so you don’t break your wallet. Check our other blog for more information, and contact us – we’ll be glad to help and prove to you that we’re the best of them all!

The Digital Phone Plan Battle: Contract vs No Contract

In the ever-changing field of technology and telecommunications, phones are becoming more and more advanced. And with more advancements, come larger price-tags. But, that isn’t to say that there are benefits as well to an advanced phone and phone plan.

Carriers have come so far to create plans that will suit the needs of the masses. From individual plans to family plans, each come with their own benefits and prices. However, that also means that the person is bound into a contract. It is not the best for the everyday consumer but it is beneficial to others. On the other hand, though, no-contract plans have started gaining more popularity allowing more accessibility to the everyday consumer. It’s a large step financially but it can come with its own setbacks.

With that in mind, let’s dive deeper and explore the positives and negatives of both contract plans and no-contract plans. 

Contract Phone Plans

T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint are all major carries that come with contract plans. These carriers offer some great benefits that most no-contract plans can’t compete with. When you choose a contract plan, especially from the Big 4, you’ll be expecting a lot of different benefits.

  • Better Network Coverage – These large carriers have an exceptional network range that spans to even some of the most remote areas of the world. And their network is their biggest priority delivering the most current up-to-date speeds. Say no more to congested data!
  • Network Priority – If networks are important to you, then maybe it’s time to get a contract plan. These large carrier companies have already implemented 5G into their data and will continue developing and implementing more of these advancements onto their networks. Who knows what the future holds, but you’ll be one of the first clients once 10G rolls around! To be able to use 5G you need 5G device
  • Less Expensive Phone Purchases – A contract plan, says T-Mobile, can offer the latest phone models for $50-$100 a month. It can be a little trickier as phones are slightly less expensive when paying up-front since there are no interest charges. BUT – some people aren’t ready to pay so much up-front so this is a great option! 

But with all these benefits, these carrier plans are pretty pricey when you’re searching for a wireless plan. Even with the best benefits, do you really need all those?

  • Expensive Prices – Contract plans are incredibly expensive, especially in the long-run. One line at all Big 4 premium plans can be as expensive as $90. And if you do decide to finance your device and get added some benefits – that can increase to a whopping $200 monthly for a phone and a phone plan. This does depend on what phone and other added costs you decide to get, but there’s no denying that you pay more in the long haul. 
  • Commitment – Commitment is scary for some – especially when it comes to getting a contract plan. For customers, you’re usually signing up for two years with the carrier. If you want to terminate your contract, the only way out is to pay a hefty fee that can cost more than your actual phone plan. Think carefully before signing! 
  • Dreaded Fees – Activation fees, termination fees, access fees, monthly rate fees – contract plans have fees crawling all over your bill. If you want to avoid all those extra charges, maybe a no-contract plan is the way to go! 

A no-contract wireless phone plan is generally the better of the two for the everyday consumer on a budget. 

No-Contract Phone Plans

  • Largest Savings – The biggest advantage when you sign up for a no-contract plan is that you’ll save a huge amount as opposed to a contract-plan. For example, a premium unlimited plan at Verizon can cost you $90 while an unlimited plan from Allvoi can cost you only $50 for unlimited data, talk & text. You’ll save and get amazing benefits as well – maybe it’s time to start considering to switch?
  • No Credit Checks – Signing up for a phone plan and getting the latest phones can require a credit check to see if you’re eligible. For those with no credit or bad credit, getting a phone from a no-contract carrier is easier as there is no credit check required for some carriers. 
  • Flexible Plans – One of the best advantages of no-contract plans is the fact that there is no commitment. Take a break from paying your phone service without a hassle! And, if you decide not to continue with the no-contract plan,- you won’t be charged termination fees. Stay committed with no strings attached!
  • No Fees – If you sign up for a no-contract plan, say from Allvoi, there are no taxes or fees whatsoever. Most times, taxes and fees are already included in the phone plan prices so you’re not paying a cent more than what you have to. If you’re still looking for an amazing wireless phone plan, look no further than Allvoi’s wireless plans for the lowest rates in the market. 

But even if no-contract plans seem amazing, that doesn’t mean that there are some cons as well. 

  • Up-Front Payments – Certain carriers will have you paying up-front payments, especially when you get a phone. And that is to be expected for some, as the phone will be yours to switch carriers if you feel like it. In the long run, though, you’ll be saving tons of money paying the huge amount in the beginning since there aren’t installment fees and interest charges. 
  • OK Coverage – Unfortunately, some carriers won’t have the best coverage so you’d be signing up for wireless plans that are dead zones either where you live, or where you’re going. Research your potential carriers and see the coverage they offer before you sign up!

As you can see, the pros outweigh the cons for some people and not for others. It truly depends on your lifestyle and what works for you and your budget. If you want to save money and have the flexibility without the commitment, a no-contract plan should be the one you go for. You’ll get most of the same benefits as a contract-plan, (i.e. coverage, customer service), but you won’t need to be committed to something forever. If you do have the money and are looking for the best of the best, then a contract plan is the way to go. You’ll get great network coverage with some added benefits so it may be worth it in the end.

All in all, it depends on you but Allvoi is here to help. If you have any other questions, just contact us and check the links in the articles to read more about how you can save with Allvoi!

Let’s Talk Phones: Free, Financing, BYOD

Stop… In the Name of Phones!

That’s right – stop scrolling. We know you’re tired of clicking every page to find out about our devices. Good thing is, you’re in the right place. This handy article will surely help in answering your questions on phones, old phones, and more.

Let’s get started!

Keep Your Own Phone with Allvoi

Here at Allvoi, we don’t want to limit you to what phone(s) you can use. That’s why we created our Allvoi Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program. Have a phone that you don’t want to trade away yet? Or using an old phone and don’t want to spend money on the latest model? Our BYOD program is the answer to all your troubles. With our program, you can easily transfer your phone to our wireless service and start using it right away. Just make sure that it is compatible with our network and you’re good to go. Click our link here to see if your device is compatible. – where is the link?

Best of all, when you use our BYOD program, you’re eligible for 3 months of your service – FREE! That’s no extra charge for bringing your cellphone and reusing it. Make the most out of our BYOD program! Our no-contract wireless plans are some of the lowest priced in the market and come with unlimited data, talk & text, free international calling, and much more. View our plans and get started.

Discounted Phones from Allvoi

Getting a phone from Allvoi is easy. You can enjoy the most popular phones at discounted prices. We carry some of the latest phone models like the Apple iPhone XR and the Samsung Galaxy 9+. Best of all, we offer cellphone financing! Finance your phone with Allvoi and we’ll merge the monthly price of the phone into your monthly bill. That way, all you’re paying for is one price.

  • No Fees
  • No Hidden Charges
  • All Transparent Billing

Sign up with Allvoi’s $50 unlimited wireless plan, and get all the great benefits of unlimited data, talk, text, and even Hulu! When you sign up with our plan, you get device financing options at 12 months or even 24 months with rates starting as low as $20! Start falling in love with your new phone today.

With Allvoi Get FREE Phones… Yes FREE! 

There’s nothing more disappointing than getting a phone plan and not being able to trade in your old phone for a new one or even buying one. The impossible is possible with Allvoi. You can choose from our range of free modern phones so you can start loving our service! There’s no hidden fees or extra charges when you choose a free phone – all you’re paying is your phone plan and that’s it. Don’t believe us? Start now and see how we’re changing the game.

Whether it’s financing a new phone, reusing your old phone, or getting a free phone from us – trust that Allvoi is the wireless carrier for you. Get started now – with your phone or any of our phones, at the lowest unlimited wireless plans on the market with reliable nationwide 4G LTE networks.

Stuck on Finding The Best Phone Plan for You? 

If you’re a budget customer continuously searching for the best phone plan without breaking your budget, then this article is for you. Whether you need a phone for school, or just to keep in contact with your loved ones who are far away, our phone plans are versatile to suit everyone’s cellphone needs.

From unlimited data, talk & text, to international calling worldwide, we’re sure you’ll find a phone plan that’s flexible for you. Read more and check out our other articles to see if we’re the carrier for you.

Student Loans Are Expensive, Our Phone Plans Aren’t

Phone plans are getting more expensive, and there’s no doubt that they can bring more stress to you if you’re on a financial budget. As a student, you need the best phone plan if you’re away for college, need it for classes, or to text your roommate when you forget your key… oops. Finding a budget phone plan is key, especially if you’re paying a tremendous amount of money for school. Having a phone plan should be the least of your problems – and that’s where Allvoi comes in. Forget about those expensive cellphone plans from T-Mobile or Verizon that can go up to $100 a month. Start considering Allvoi – our cellphone plans are more than 50% cheaper and yet still bring out the best reliable service to you.

We recommend the Unlimited Phone Plan and the Unlimited Plus Phone Plan for students. Why? You get unlimited talk & text so you can message your long-distance family/friends without stressing over minutes. And because the Internet is important for school, each plan comes with unlimited data. Use that data to stream movies, scroll through social media and surf the Internet. Best of all, there are added bonuses too like free international calling in 21 countries and 120 discounted countries so you’re always a button away when you’re missing your family.

Get all of this for $30-$50 only. Now you’re probably thinking that there’s some sort of trick. Nope! When you sign up for any of our plans, all the taxes and fees are part of the pricing so you’re not paying any more than what you signed up for. Because we understand that school can take a toll on you and your finances.

Seniors – There’s a Phone Plan For You Too!

Seniors don’t get as much love as they should. Allvoi is changing the game on that. We also have phone plans that suit you because phones are also important for you too! Contacting your loved ones shouldn’t be expensive – that’s why we recommend the Unlimited 25 Plan.

For only $25, you get unlimited talk & text so you don’t waste minutes contacting your loved ones. It’s important to keep in touch with them so we’re making it unlimited, just for you. Best of all, free international calling is included. Your family may be in other parts of the world and contacting them isn’t just hard, it can also be expensive. With our unlimited phone plan, you get free international calling to 21 destinations and discounted rates to more than 120 destinations worldwide. Our phone plans have reliable coverage as well, so you can reach your family in even the most remote areas.

It doesn’t just stop there – data is included in each plan as well. Surfing the internet and using data isn’t just for the young. Seniors are still able to surf, stream, and scroll through media – so we’re including 500 MB for no extra fees. That’s unlimited talk & text, free international calling and 500 Mb of data for only $25 – just like the good old days.

Being in the Military Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Need a Phone Plan

If you or your loved ones are on the front lines defending our great country or assisting in other military needs, guaranteed you will miss your old life, your old friends, and your loved ones. Having a phone with a great cellphone plan is a good way to keep communicating so you never feel distant with your family/friends – but it shouldn’t cost a fortune.

Allvoi’s 500 Min Plan and Unlimited 25 Plans are two great plans that will definitely suit your needs whether you’re on the front lines or not. Like our Seniors, the Unlimited 25 Plan comes with all those great benefits to help you so you never feel alone. Whether it’s communicating with friends on social media or vlogging your daily life to show people – it won’t cost you a fortune.

There are times though when all you can do is talk or text your friends/loved ones. We want to give you the best rate on talk & text without breaking your budget. At only $15, you get 500 minutes of talk 5 cents per message. Military persons don’t always have the privilege of the internet, so having a great plan rate for those who can only talk & text are what this plan is for.

Whatever the circumstance may be, Allvoi makes these plans personal and versatile for the everyday customer. We want you to know that you’re not wasting any money; and by choosing a plan from us, you’re investing in one of the best and reliable carriers in the market. Check out our plans now and read our other articles to save more!