The Digital Phone Plan Battle: Contract vs No Contract

In the ever-changing field of technology and telecommunications, phones are becoming more and more advanced. And with more advancements, come larger price-tags. But, that isn’t to say that there are benefits as well to an advanced phone and phone plan.

Carriers have come so far to create plans that will suit the needs of the masses. From individual plans to family plans, each come with their own benefits and prices. However, that also means that the person is bound into a contract. It is not the best for the everyday consumer but it is beneficial to others. On the other hand, though, no-contract plans have started gaining more popularity allowing more accessibility to the everyday consumer. It’s a large step financially but it can come with its own setbacks.

With that in mind, let’s dive deeper and explore the positives and negatives of both contract plans and no-contract plans. 

Contract Phone Plans

T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint are all major carries that come with contract plans. These carriers offer some great benefits that most no-contract plans can’t compete with. When you choose a contract plan, especially from the Big 4, you’ll be expecting a lot of different benefits.

  • Better Network Coverage – These large carriers have an exceptional network range that spans to even some of the most remote areas of the world. And their network is their biggest priority delivering the most current up-to-date speeds. Say no more to congested data!
  • Network Priority – If networks are important to you, then maybe it’s time to get a contract plan. These large carrier companies have already implemented 5G into their data and will continue developing and implementing more of these advancements onto their networks. Who knows what the future holds, but you’ll be one of the first clients once 10G rolls around! To be able to use 5G you need 5G device
  • Less Expensive Phone Purchases – A contract plan, says T-Mobile, can offer the latest phone models for $50-$100 a month. It can be a little trickier as phones are slightly less expensive when paying up-front since there are no interest charges. BUT – some people aren’t ready to pay so much up-front so this is a great option! 

But with all these benefits, these carrier plans are pretty pricey when you’re searching for a wireless plan. Even with the best benefits, do you really need all those?

  • Expensive Prices – Contract plans are incredibly expensive, especially in the long-run. One line at all Big 4 premium plans can be as expensive as $90. And if you do decide to finance your device and get added some benefits – that can increase to a whopping $200 monthly for a phone and a phone plan. This does depend on what phone and other added costs you decide to get, but there’s no denying that you pay more in the long haul. 
  • Commitment – Commitment is scary for some – especially when it comes to getting a contract plan. For customers, you’re usually signing up for two years with the carrier. If you want to terminate your contract, the only way out is to pay a hefty fee that can cost more than your actual phone plan. Think carefully before signing! 
  • Dreaded Fees – Activation fees, termination fees, access fees, monthly rate fees – contract plans have fees crawling all over your bill. If you want to avoid all those extra charges, maybe a no-contract plan is the way to go! 

A no-contract wireless phone plan is generally the better of the two for the everyday consumer on a budget. 

No-Contract Phone Plans

  • Largest Savings – The biggest advantage when you sign up for a no-contract plan is that you’ll save a huge amount as opposed to a contract-plan. For example, a premium unlimited plan at Verizon can cost you $90 while an unlimited plan from Allvoi can cost you only $50 for unlimited data, talk & text. You’ll save and get amazing benefits as well – maybe it’s time to start considering to switch?
  • No Credit Checks – Signing up for a phone plan and getting the latest phones can require a credit check to see if you’re eligible. For those with no credit or bad credit, getting a phone from a no-contract carrier is easier as there is no credit check required for some carriers. 
  • Flexible Plans – One of the best advantages of no-contract plans is the fact that there is no commitment. Take a break from paying your phone service without a hassle! And, if you decide not to continue with the no-contract plan,- you won’t be charged termination fees. Stay committed with no strings attached!
  • No Fees – If you sign up for a no-contract plan, say from Allvoi, there are no taxes or fees whatsoever. Most times, taxes and fees are already included in the phone plan prices so you’re not paying a cent more than what you have to. If you’re still looking for an amazing wireless phone plan, look no further than Allvoi’s wireless plans for the lowest rates in the market. 

But even if no-contract plans seem amazing, that doesn’t mean that there are some cons as well. 

  • Up-Front Payments – Certain carriers will have you paying up-front payments, especially when you get a phone. And that is to be expected for some, as the phone will be yours to switch carriers if you feel like it. In the long run, though, you’ll be saving tons of money paying the huge amount in the beginning since there aren’t installment fees and interest charges. 
  • OK Coverage – Unfortunately, some carriers won’t have the best coverage so you’d be signing up for wireless plans that are dead zones either where you live, or where you’re going. Research your potential carriers and see the coverage they offer before you sign up!

As you can see, the pros outweigh the cons for some people and not for others. It truly depends on your lifestyle and what works for you and your budget. If you want to save money and have the flexibility without the commitment, a no-contract plan should be the one you go for. You’ll get most of the same benefits as a contract-plan, (i.e. coverage, customer service), but you won’t need to be committed to something forever. If you do have the money and are looking for the best of the best, then a contract plan is the way to go. You’ll get great network coverage with some added benefits so it may be worth it in the end.

All in all, it depends on you but Allvoi is here to help. If you have any other questions, just contact us and check the links in the articles to read more about how you can save with Allvoi!