Are You Wasting Money on Data Usage?

Everyone needs and uses data, and that is a huge understatement! We use our phone data to stream movies, scroll through social media and surf the Internet. And with high competition from most carriers, more customers are scoring huge deals on unlimited wireless data plans.

These unlimited wireless plans are incredibly appealing because who doesn’t love unlimited data? Keep streaming, scrolling and surfing the Internet without ever thinking how much data you have left! But, is all this data a worthwhile investment? Are you truly wasting all your money on data that you’ll never use?

Let’s dive deeper into this subject and answer your questions on data usage.

Little Data Usage, Lost Dollars

Findings from a study on 1,000 Americans has shown that most of these wireless phone customers are buying data that they will likely never use. These customers spend almost $200 a year on unused data if they are paying for their data plans! It’s not hard to save on your data especially if you’re paying monthly for it; but there are some tips and tricks you can do to help reduce the amount of data you use. Think of how much money you could be saving if you dove deeper into your data usage.

Data-Usage Saving Strategies

  • Use open Wi-Fi networks when possible, just be careful of where you’re connecting to, due to security threats that public networks pose.
  • Download videos and audio on Wi-Fi, such as when you are at home. That way, you can listen/watch offline if you can’t connect to a network, rather than downloading them with your data.
  • Turn off apps that eat your data in the background when they’re not in use, and delete certain apps that you don’t use at all that take up too much data. It’ll help declutter your phone too!
  • Always make sure that you’re using Wi-Fi. Sometimes, your connection drops and you automatically connect to your data without you even knowing. Check to make sure you’re not wasting precious data so you can save more money.

Want more money-saving strategies and tips? Check our article for more money-saving tips so you don’t have to break the bank and your budget.

If you did everything and are still paying too much and wasting all your data, maybe it’s time to switch carriers?

Save Big on Data Usage with Allvoi

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