Quarantining at Home Due to Coronavirus?

With the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the nation, you should be prepared when things go awry. As the virus continues to spread, the best precaution is to self-quarantine and stay home. And that means your key essentials are going to be the most important things when a disaster strikes. Use our guideline for goods and key items you need to keep you and your family safe and healthy. 

Most importantly, always check the WHO and CDC for news and updates on the coronavirus. 

Key Essentials for The Coronavirus Crisis

What do you need when you’re stuck at home for two weeks or more?

  • Groceries​​​​

    •  If you’re going to be stuck at home for a long period of time, it’s best to start stocking up on essentials that can last you a little over two weeks. Make sure these are items that aren’t easily perishable since you’re more likely not to use them all in one day. Examples of non-perishable foods include pasta, rice, beans, and cereals. Canned proteins are also important such as vegetables, tuna, and meats. These staples are crucial since they do not expire easily. 
    • Purchasing chocolates and other snacks to switch up your eating habits help boost your mental health and morale so you’re not eating the same thing over and over again. As long as you are eating healthy and in moderation, you can eat those guilty pleasures you’ve been wanting. Just make sure to save groceries for other buyers who are in the same position as you.

  • Toiletries

    • Hygienic household products are also essential. Make sure you have enough toilet paper, soaps, hand sanitizers, feminine products, and diapers should you have small children. Thorough and frequent hand washing is the best and easiest way to protect yourself from the coronavirus. 
  • First-Aid Kit

    • This doesn’t necessarily need to be only for COVID-19, but a first-aid kid comes in handy when there are unexpected injuries. The kit should include supplies dedicated to treating injuries like cuts, scrapes, burns, swelling, and more. Ointments, bandages, thermometers, scissors should be included. 
    • And don’t forget medications! Checking your regular prescription drugs periodically maintains the organization and ensures you get a continuous supply. Aspirins and pain medications are also helpful in reducing pain and sickness.

  • Medical Supplies

    • If you wear glasses, contacts, use a hearing aid, and other devices, you should also stock up on things like contact solution and batteries. These supplies can last a pretty long time so you don’t need to continuously go out every time to get them. 
  • COVID-19 and Your Mental Health

    • It’s unfortunate that everyone is anxious and panicked about the coronavirus. There are many things you can do when you’re at home to stay calm. From streaming shows or reading books, be creative in what you can do at home. Find a new hobby or do the one thing you haven’t done in a while (e.g. exercising) – staying home doesn’t have to be all that terrible. 
    • And don’t forget your phone and other key electronics! Use your phone to contact friends you haven’t called in a while or check in on family overseas. At Allvoi, we have great priced unlimited wireless plans with unlimited data, talk & text at the lowest rates in the market. And free/discounted international calling is included so you can stay in touch with everyone, anywhere in the world. Just because we’re social distancing doesn’t mean we should forget about our friends and loved ones.

With everything that’s going on right, we should unite together and support each other during the health crisis. Whether it’s helping your neighbors or supporting your loved ones – we’re only stronger together! 

Keep you and your loved ones prepared and use this time to be more connected than ever!