Free Up Your Phone/Device Storage

When’s the last time you organized and unloaded your phone/device?

Chances are, you’ve gotten a notification saying your phone or device storage is full, some point in your life. And it’s definitely common! Or when you try to take a photo with your family, but your phone can’t handle one more photo? We’ve been through that too many times to count. 

Luckily for you, there’s a number of easy ways you can do to reduce all that storage so your device can work smoother, and so that you can take more photos and actually put that storage to good use. Read on for some tips and tricks to store your photos safely, and help unload your device. 

Make the Cloud Storage your Best Friend 

  • Offloading your photos and other documents into a cloud storage will significantly help your phone storage. There’s so many apps that are being offered that help you manage your cloud storage and organize all your documents. From Apple, to Android, to Google, all of these companies have an app that syncs to the cloud allowing you to send all your photos there. They are free and easy to use. Keep in mind though that free versions aren’t unlimited or have only a small amount of space, so the more storage you need – you will need to pay. But for storage like Apple’s 200 GB for only $2.99 a month, it’s worth it in the long run! 

Unload and Manage Your Storage

  • Games and other social media apps actually take up a huge amount of space as well, aside from photos. Unfortunately, these things you can’t back up to the cloud, but there are some small things you can do to offset the amount of storage space you have. Some social media apps such as Twitter or Telegram allow you to delete all the data it has such as from playing videos. This allows you to delete cache files which in turn lowers the app storage and frees more space on your phone. For games, delete the ones you don’t use at all. The great thing is that phones like Apple lets you know when the last time you opened the game was. This should be your deciding factor on if you want to keep the game or not. Anything you haven’t opened after six months should just be deleted. But, if you have commitment issues with games, you also can just offload the game. What this does is remove all the cache and storage used but still keeping the documents and data. Once you decide to want to open/play the game again, all of the documents/data will sync again and you can play it once again. It will definitely free up all that unnecessary clutter. 

Get that External Storage Space

  • If you’ve done the rest and still need more space, a simply external USB is the way to go. They’re incredibly inexpensive and can have tons of storage space for when you need it. Unfortunately, many smartphones have such limited space, and there’s no ability to add more storage, so an external storage like a USB Flashdrive is another big help. Simply connect your phone to your laptop, transfer all photos and documents, connect the USB and transfer all data in that. Then, just delete it from your phone and laptop – and all your documents and data are safe on a third party flash drive. It’s very easy and safe. They’re all relatively cheap and come in varying sizes/shapes so it won’t take up too much of your money or desk space. 

By now you should be an expert on handling your phone storage! Have some other tips that’ll help remove storage and free up phone/device space? Comment them down below! 

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