Sign Up for 3 Lines Unlimited PLUS Plan and Get Free iPhone 7 with Allvoi Wireless!

When you have a family, trying to coordinate your month to month wireless plans can be tough. Lucky for you, AllvoiWireless is dedicated to providing cell phone plans that are convenient, affordable, and simple to understand. That’s why Allvoi Wireless is now offering a free iPhone 7 for those who sign up for a 3-Line Unlimited PLUS Plan!

Under the new plan, which is perfect for families, every new or existing customer who signs up three lines to a single account under the Unlimited PLUS plan for a term of 12 months is entitled to a free iPhone 7, with the term starting from the applicable activation date. The phone comes with a 4.7” display and a capacity of 32GB, and is available in any color you choose! Check out to check out our color selections.

Besides the free iPhone, did we mention that the Unlimited PLUS Plan is incredible to begin with? Under the Unlimited PLUS Plan from Allvoi  Wireless, you will have unlimited minutes, unlimited text, and unlimited data across the United States, with a flat monthly rate of $50/month, including tax. 

On top of that, the Unlimited PLUS Plan from Allvoi  Wireless provides customers with 300 free minutes a month on international calls to more than 20 countries! With so many international minutes, you can call family, friends, and loved ones living in countries across the globe, including nations such as Russia, the UK, Canada, China, Israel, Brazil, Mexico, and many more!

AllvoiWireless is proud to provide the best monthly phone plans that are reliable, straightforward, and free from hidden fees. Leave your old phone plan behind and sign up for the 12-month, 3-Line Unlimited PLUS plan with AllvoiWireless to get your free iPhone 7! To learn more about our affordable nationwide talk and text phone plans here at AllvoiWireless, call us today at 800-655-3300.

Allvoi Wireless Offers New Scholarship Opportunity

The Calling All College Students scholarship contest will give three students a chance to win $1,000 towards their college education.

In addition to being a source for affordable, convenient, and incredible cell phone plans, Allvoi Wireless cares deeply about supporting American education. That’s why AllvoiWireless is giving college students an opportunity to earn extra money for their education with their Calling All College Studentsscholarship contest.

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Allvoi  Wireless’ New Cell Phone Deals Includes International Calling

Allvoi Wireless is now offering two PRACTICAL and IMPRESSIVE deals for customers in 2019. In the first plan, when new customers sign up for the UNLIMITED PLUS wireless plan for $50 a month for one year, they can get a FREE Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone. This plan includes unlimited talk, text, and data. Taxes and fees are included as well.

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Save this New Year with Allvoi® Wireless’ Affordable Monthly Phone Plans with International Calls

When it comes to finding affordable wireless providers for the holidays, many people feel like they have a tough time getting in touch with family and friends abroad without breaking the bank. Further, many customers also frequently find themselves confused by complicated billing plans and hidden fees from other companies.

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Celebrate Family With Allvoi® Wireless

As Thanksgiving comes and goes, we take time to remember the people and the things we are thankful for.

Your Work Phone

One of the things that people are most thankful for is their families. Despite this, spending quality time with family can difficult at times. We’ve found with our own friends and families that one of the best ways to show them that you’re thankful is by being more present in the time that you’re spending together.

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Phones, Features, and Functions: Allvoi® Wireless Has It All


Allvoi® Wireless features a variety of mobile phone plans for just about every person’s individual needs. What you may not know, however, is that we also carry an assortment of phone models from industry-trusted names like Apple, Samsung, and Kyocera. We’re proud to offer these sleekly-designed products to our customers, to let them choose the phone that best serves their needs.

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Now introducing Allvoi Wireless

At Allvoi® Wireless, we recently changed our name to reflect the improvements, enhancements, and updates to services that our organization has recently undergone. In addition to a new name, we also have a fresh look and a newly-launched website. Allvoi® Wireless was formerly known as MasterCall® Mobile, which is a subsidiary of MasterCall®.

Allvoi® Wireless remains dedicated to providing our customers with the same level of superior personal service, products, and support for which we’re previously known. We’re the fastest growing and best wireless company you’ve never heard of, and provide traditional local, domestic and international long distance in addition to our digital and wireless services.

For more information on our wireless plans or services, call us at 1-888-501-8686.

New Name, New Look, Same Great Quality. Welcome to Allvoi® Wireless!

What’s in a name? A name can be impactful. It can even serve as a representation of the changes undergone through growth and improvement. At Allvoi® Wireless, we want to reflect that improvement with our new name. Formerly known as MasterCall® Mobile, we now have not only a new name, but a new look. And to accompany that new look, we recently launched our sleek and brand new website that makes choosing your personalized wireless plans and products simple and easy.

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