Save this New Year with Allvoi® Wireless’ Affordable Monthly Phone Plans with International Calls

When it comes to finding affordable wireless providers for the holidays, many people feel like they have a tough time getting in touch with family and friends abroad without breaking the bank. Further, many customers also frequently find themselves confused by complicated billing plans and hidden fees from other companies.

That’s where Allvoi® Wireless comes in. They take pride in providing affordable monthly phone plans without long contracts that are reliable, easy to understand, and will never surprise our customers with hidden bills or fees. Allvoi® Wireless is now offering a $30/month plan with absolutely all taxes and fees included, in exchange for 10GB of high LTE internet speed along with unlimited minutes, unlimited messages, and unlimited data, as well as 300 minutes to international landlines. Customers can use either their current phone or purchase from Allvoi® Wireless, and can even receive a new phone for free under certain plans.

All of Allvoi® Wireless’ unlimited monthly plans come with 300 minutes to international landlines for no extra charge. Minutes are usable for a list of more than 20 countries, including the United Kingdom, Canada, China, Brazil, Israel, Russia, Mexico, and many more. (Those interested in seeing a full list of included countries can look at Allvoi Wireless plans and push the “i” sign next to International calls.)

As the Christmas and New Year’s season begins rolling in, along with other seasonal holidays, having access to five hours worth of international landlines is perfect for getting in touch with family, friends, and loved ones all around the world. With the often forbidding cost of international travel, getting a cell phone plan with Allvoi® Wireless may just be the perfect gift for one’s family this holiday season.

To learn more about Allvoi Wireless services, those interested are encouraged to get in touch with Allvoi® Wireless today by giving them a call at 800-655-3300.