Allvoi  Wireless’ New Cell Phone Deals Includes International Calling

Allvoi Wireless is now offering two PRACTICAL and IMPRESSIVE deals for customers in 2019. In the first plan, when new customers sign up for the UNLIMITED PLUS wireless plan for $50 a month for one year, they can get a FREE Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone. This plan includes unlimited talk, text, and data. Taxes and fees are included as well.

Allvoi Wireless is additionally offering their BEST DEAL ever for a limited time. Now, when customers purchase an UNLIMITED PLUS wireless plan for $50 a month, not only will they have access to unlimited talk, text, and data, but they will also receive a $150 off of any iPhone 7 model. For the iPhone 7 base model, the phone will now cost only $299, and the iPhone 7 Plus base model will cost $419. This is a HUGE savings for customers and is one of the best deals people can get on a brand new iPhone.

Included in each of these plans, aside from the unlimited talk, text, and data (slowdown after 15GB of 4G LTE data usage per month), are international calls. With AllvoiWireless, users can call around the world to family, friends, or business partners at any time (terms and conditions apply). Countries included in the international calls portion of these plans include, but are not limited to: Argentina, Hungary, Iceland, Canada, Spain, Russia, South Korea, Slovakia, and the United Kingdom. To see if the country one wishes to call is included in Allvoi  Wireless’ international calling, click the “Information” icon located next to “International Calls” on their cell phone plans page.

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About Allvoi®Wireless:

Allvoi Wireless provides wireless services and all other voice and phone products to their customers across the United States. They feature plans for smartphones as well as plans for basic feature phones, and offer exceptional Nationwide wireless coverage as part of their reliable Nationwide network. Allvoi Wireless has a variety of wireless plans, like no-contract unlimited data, talk, and text plans, and they feature phones and other products from industry-trusted brands.

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