Allvoi’s New 24-Month Device Payment Plan!

Here at Allvoi Wireless, we’re proud to be able to provide affordable nationwide talk & text phone plans that are simple, convenient, and free of hidden fees. In line with our goal of making communication with friends and family as smooth and hassle-free as can be, we’re happy to announce our new 24-month device payment option!

Per the new promotion, Allvoi Wireless customers can purchase and pay for a new device in installments over a 24-month period. Device options include both iPhones and Samsung phones.

The promotion is available with the Unlimited Plus plan only, which grants the customer unlimited talk, text, and data at 15GB 4G LTE speed, along with international call options to over 20 countries.

Other Promotion Details

For our new promotion at Allvoi Wireless, orders include the cost of the plan price, shipping, activation fee, and initial payment for the device all together to make everything as clear and simple as possible. Customers even have the option of concluding their final payment in advance of the 24-month time frame.

Device selections include an array of options, giving you the ability to choose the phone that works best for you with a payment plan that’s affordable and convenient, all while enjoying premier phone service that’s second-to-none!

More About the Unlimited Plus Plan from Allvoi

Under the Unlimited PLUS Plan from Allvoi Wireless, you’ll have unlimited minutes, unlimited text, and unlimited data across the country, with a flat monthly rateof $50/month (tax included).

Not only that, but the Unlimited PLUS Plan from Allvoi Wireless provides you with 300 free minutes each month on international calls to over 20 countries! With so many international minutes, you can call family and loved ones residing in countries across the globe, including nations such as Canada, Russia, the UK, Brazil, China, Mexico, and many more!

Turn Over a New Leaf with Us Today!

Allvoi Wireless provides the best monthly phone plans that are straightforward and free from hidden fees. Leave your old phone plan behind and begin your new phone plan with us today! To learn more about our low price talk & text mobile phone plans here at Allvoi Wireless, call us today at 800-655-3300.