5G vs 4G: What is the difference?

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Recently, many of our customers have been wondering what is the difference between 4G and 5G, why switch to 5G technology, and whether quality 5G will be available in 2020 in New York and other major cities in the United States. Therefore, today we present an article collected from many sources that uniquely answers this question! Yes, 5G is here and it is worth paying attention to it!

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What is 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and Should We Expect 6G

Do you remember the time when mobile phones were still called “phones”, not smartphones, not superphones…, just “phones”? These devices were stored in our pockets and could make calls. That’s all. No social networks, messaging, uploading photos or streaming video in HD format. They could not upload a 15-megapixel photo on Instagram, snap-in Snapchat and, of course, could not turn into a wireless access point. Those gloomy days are already far behind, but promising new-generation wireless high-speed data networks continue to appear around the world, and many things begin to seem confusing.

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What is 5G and How Will it Change Our Lives

Still wondering what 5G is? Telecom marketing gimmick or will 5th generation telecommunications technology really change our lives? Allvoi presents five areas as the 5G technology that will change our future.

5G in Telecommunications

5G is the next generation of mobile communications with high-speed internet and instant network response. 5G technology provides not only high speeds for data exchange but also a minimum delay in signal transmission – only 1-2 ms. Gamers are probably happy to hear this. Right? Of course! But besides the advantages in games, this allows you to implement fundamentally new solutions and services that could not work in 4G networks. Most of them are related to the transmission of video and other heavy content.

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With 5G, the Possibilities Are Endless

5G mobile data will soon be available as one of the features of month to month cell phone plans from Allvoi Wireless. You’ve probably heard of 5G, but unless you closely follow the latest trends and developments in emerging technology, you might not be aware of just how revolutionary 5G has the potential to be.

5G signifies the fifth generation of cellular network technology. A decade ago, when 4G was introduced, it made mobile internet speeds hundreds of times faster than the speed of 3G. It also made things like mobile HD TV and high-quality video calls possible for the first time. But as impressive as 4G was, and as widespread as it now is, it will someday be obsolete compared to 5G.

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Here at Allvoi Wireless, we’re honored to be able to offer talk & text mobile plans that are simple, easy to access, and free from surprise fees. In line with our aim of making communication with family and friends as hassle-free and smooth as possible, we are even offering a 24-month device payment option to make your experience as amazing as possible!

As part of our promotion, Allvoi Wireless customers may purchase and pay for a new device in gradual installments over a period of 24-months. Device options include both Samsung phones and iPhones.

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When it comes to cell phone plans, trying to find the cheapest month-to-month mobile phone plans can be quite a challenge. Luckily for you, AllvoiWireless is dedicated to providing cell phone plans that are affordable, convenient, and simple to understand. That’s why AllvoiWireless is now offering customers a free Samsung Galaxy S5 or Samsung Note 4 when you sign up for our Unlimited or Unlimited PLUS plans!

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