Check Out Allvoi’s 24-Month Device Payment Plan!

Here at Allvoi Wireless, we’re honored to be able to offer talk & text mobile plans that are simple, easy to access, and free from surprise fees. In line with our aim of making communication with family and friends as hassle-free and smooth as possible, we are even offering a 24-month device payment option to make your experience as amazing as possible!

As part of our promotion, Allvoi Wireless customers may purchase and pay for a new device in gradual installments over a period of 24-months. Device options include both Samsung phones and iPhones.

This promotion is only available with the Unlimited Plus plan, which gives the customer unlimited talk, text, and data at 15GB 4G LTE speed, as well as international call options to more than 20 countries.

Additional Promotion Details

In this promotion at Allvoi Wireless, orders include the cost of shipping, the plan price, initial payment for the device, and the activation fee all together to make everything as transparent and straightforward as possible. Our customers even have the choice of concluding their final payment in advance of the 24-month period.

Device choices come with an array of options, giving you the power to select the phone that works best for you with a payment plan that is convenient and affordable, all while benefiting from premier phone service that comes second-to-none!

About the Unlimited Plus Plan from Allvoi

With the Unlimited PLUS Plan from Allvoi Wireless, you will have unlimited minutes, unlimited text, and unlimited data across the United States, with a flat monthly rate of $50 a month (tax included).

Further, the Unlimited PLUS Plan from Allvoi Wireless gives you 300 free minutes per month on international calls to over 20 countries! With so many international minutes, you can chat with family members residing in countries across the world, including nations such as Canada, Russia, Mexico, and many, many more!

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