What is 5G and How Will it Change Our Lives

Still wondering what 5G is? Telecom marketing gimmick or will 5th generation telecommunications technology really change our lives? Allvoi presents five areas as the 5G technology that will change our future.

5G in Telecommunications

5G is the next generation of mobile communications with high-speed internet and instant network response. 5G technology provides not only high speeds for data exchange but also a minimum delay in signal transmission – only 1-2 ms. Gamers are probably happy to hear this. Right? Of course! But besides the advantages in games, this allows you to implement fundamentally new solutions and services that could not work in 4G networks. Most of them are related to the transmission of video and other heavy content.

For example, the 5G network will enable you to download all the seasons of the Game of Thrones in just a minute. The user will be able to do this while sitting on the plane if he forgot to download the desired movie in advance. For the mass consumer, the most popular sphere of application 5G at the moment is virtual and augmented reality. Imagine, during some matches of the U.S. National Football League in 2018, five cameras with 360-degree coverage were installed at the stadium and the image was transmitted over 5G network. The broadcast could be watched in a helmet of virtual reality, completely immersed in what was happening at the stadium.

5G in Medicine

Telemedicine is a set of measures aimed at providing remote medical services in cases where the doctor and patient are unable to interact in person. Thanks to 5G, patients who need immediate help from specialists no longer need to go to a clinic or hospital. Consultations and treatment can be obtained without leaving home. This field is one of the most promising and fastest-growing healthcare segments in the world. According to Global Market Insights, the volume of the global telemedicine market in 2019 will be $ 38.3 billion, and by 2025 will increase by more than three times, to $130.5 billion.

New technologies are in demand in pediatrics, psychotherapy, dermatology, neurology and even in intensive care. If the patient cannot be transferred to another clinic, an urgent video call to a more competent specialist can save the patient’s life. At the same time, a highly qualified surgeon through a 5G video session can remotely monitor what is happening during the operation and adjust the actions of colleagues or control auxiliary devices.

One of the unique capabilities of telemedicine is remote ultrasound diagnostics, which is implemented in 5G networks. For example, robotic “arms” that are controlled by a doctor remotely are already widely tested. These so-called hands, scans areas with a diameter of up to 800 mm and transmits to the specialist all kinds of information, including tactile information. 5G technology allows you to transfer a huge amount of data without delay, and this is an important condition for remote analysis.

5G for Transportation

The main transportation problems in large cities are traffic jams and accidents. Unfortunately, our beloved New York City is no exception. Thanks to 5G technology, we can solve these issues by introducing an intelligent transportation system. A new generation wireless network is of great importance for the development of unmanned vehicles, primarily because it provides high data transfer speeds. Thanks to this, cars without drivers are safe and reliable. According to the forecast of PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), completely unmanned transport in the largest cities of the planet will appear by 2040.

5G will give autonomous cars the ability to interact with roads, traffic lights, street signs and parking lots. All data from connected cars and the Internet of things sensors that are installed on the street are transferred to the cloud storage and processed. Based on this, the traffic flow is monitored in real-time, the routes of urban transport are optimized, the priority of special vehicles (ambulance, firefighters, police, road and repair services) are ensured, and offenses are recorded. “Smart” machines will be able to “communicate” with each other thanks to built-in smart cards with an information transfer system.

Ultimately, unmanned vehicles will be able to exchange data on traffic jams or accidents on the roads. 5G plays an important role in the safety of unmanned vehicles due to the low signal delay. If necessary, the dispatcher can take emergency control of the machine. In the future, 5G will open the possibility of remote control of robots, loaders and even trains.

5G for Homes

If we talk about life, then 5G is primarily associated with the Internet of things (IoT) and the smart home. In order for a large number of things to communicate quickly and without failures with each other, a connection is needed, that ensures a high data transfer rate. 5G technology can solve these problems, amongst other things, increasing the safety of the house and saving energy.

For example, there are video surveillance systems that transmit a signal with a delay of only a few milliseconds. An IoT-based system can also include smart meters, which themselves transmit testimony to management companies, thermostats that regulate energy, and gas meters that can detect a leak and send a notification to the owner or immediately call the emergency service. These advances will allow for safer households, especially when it comes to larger families.

5G and Entertainment

With 5G, the global entertainment industry is expected to increase revenue by more than $1 trillion. High data rates and short-latency will lead to a breakthrough in the field of cloud games. The bottom line is that a special server takes care of the processing of complex 3D-graphics, and the resulting image over the 5G network is transmitted to the most ordinary laptop with minimal delays. As a result, the game runs at the same speed as on a powerful gaming computer, which is now not necessary to buy. You can start the game not only from home, but from any place of 5G coverage – even if you are sitting with a computer on a park bench.

5G will also provide the ability to download a full-length movie in seconds, not minutes, and access streaming media almost instantly. In one phrase, 5G will bring the future closer, which until now, we could only see while watching Hollywood films.

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