4 Reasons to Choose an Allvoi® Wireless Unlimited Plan Over the Other Guys

What if you could have a PRACTICAL cell phone plan that has NO CONTRACT and NO COMMITMENTS from a company that lets you keep your phone from your old provider? At Allvoi® Wireless, you can have that and start SAVING too. We are debuting two new unlimited wireless plans that give you the options you need at a price that works for you, so you can STOP OVERPAYING on unlimited cell phone contracts.

  1. Pay for What You Use

We are presenting our customers with two new unlimited wireless plans. The first is:


$30 per month (INCLUDING taxes and fees)

Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data

4GB LTE (after 4GB users may experience slower speeds)

The second:

Unlimited Plus

$50 per month (INCLUDING taxes and fees)

Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data

8GB LTE (after 8GB users may experience slower speeds)

You’re probably wondering how we can offer such low unlimited wireless prices. The answer is easy — we give you what you need. Most major cell phone providers give you data plans that provide you with 22, 35, or even 50 GB of LTE coverage per month, and they charge you a premium regardless of whether or not you use all of your data. The truth is, people in the United States typically use less than 4GB of data per month. Why not switch to a more practical plan that helps you save money?

At Allvoi® Wireless, we believe that people should pay for what they actually use. You shouldn’t be caught up in a contract that makes you pay for 20, 30, or even 40 GB of extra data a month when you don’t need it. At Allvoi®, you don’t have to.

  1. One Line

A vast number of people need an affordable cell phone contract that’s only for one line. While most major cell phone providers may advertise low prices on their unlimited talk, text, and data plans, there’s always one major caveat — you need to sign up for 3 or 4 lines to have access to the low price. If you need a cell phone plan that covers your needs, is affordable, and is for one line only, Allvoi® has the deal for you.

  1. No Contract

Practicality is key when choosing an unlimited cell phone plan. Do you want to be locked into a multi-year contract with a company that is overcharging you for your data usage? No, of course not. At Allvoi, we don’t overcharge you, and we don’t make you sign a contract. That means NO CONTRACT, NO COMMITMENT. You have the freedom to use our services as you please, always at the same low prices.

  1. Honesty

So what’s the catch? That’s just it — there is none. At Allvoi® Wireless, we believe in full transparency, so you know exactly what you’re paying for. When you choose one of our new unlimited talk, text, and data plans for just $30 or $50 a month, you’ll have the unrestricted ability to use your plan as it is — no red tape, no fine print.

Our groundbreaking new Unlimited and Unlimited Plus plans are the wise choice for people who want to experience the savings they can’t get with their current unlimited cell phone plans. Allvoi® Wireless provides you with PRACTICAL plans that have all of the necessary talk, text, and data requirements you need at a price that lets you SAVE. You can STOP OVERPAYING by hundreds of dollars a year when you SWITCH to Allvoi® Wireless. Continue browsing our website to learn about our other NO RISK cell phone plans!