Stuck on Finding The Best Phone Plan for You? 

If you’re a budget customer continuously searching for the best phone plan without breaking your budget, then this article is for you. Whether you need a phone for school, or just to keep in contact with your loved ones who are far away, our phone plans are versatile to suit everyone’s cellphone needs.

From unlimited data, talk & text, to international calling worldwide, we’re sure you’ll find a phone plan that’s flexible for you. Read more and check out our other articles to see if we’re the carrier for you.

Student Loans Are Expensive, Our Phone Plans Aren’t

Phone plans are getting more expensive, and there’s no doubt that they can bring more stress to you if you’re on a financial budget. As a student, you need the best phone plan if you’re away for college, need it for classes, or to text your roommate when you forget your key… oops. Finding a budget phone plan is key, especially if you’re paying a tremendous amount of money for school. Having a phone plan should be the least of your problems – and that’s where Allvoi comes in. Forget about those expensive cellphone plans from T-Mobile or Verizon that can go up to $100 a month. Start considering Allvoi – our cellphone plans are more than 50% cheaper and yet still bring out the best reliable service to you.

We recommend the Unlimited Phone Plan and the Unlimited Plus Phone Plan for students. Why? You get unlimited talk & text so you can message your long-distance family/friends without stressing over minutes. And because the Internet is important for school, each plan comes with unlimited data. Use that data to stream movies, scroll through social media and surf the Internet. Best of all, there are added bonuses too like free international calling in 21 countries and 120 discounted countries so you’re always a button away when you’re missing your family.

Get all of this for $30-$50 only. Now you’re probably thinking that there’s some sort of trick. Nope! When you sign up for any of our plans, all the taxes and fees are part of the pricing so you’re not paying any more than what you signed up for. Because we understand that school can take a toll on you and your finances.

Seniors – There’s a Phone Plan For You Too!

Seniors don’t get as much love as they should. Allvoi is changing the game on that. We also have phone plans that suit you because phones are also important for you too! Contacting your loved ones shouldn’t be expensive – that’s why we recommend the Unlimited 25 Plan.

For only $25, you get unlimited talk & text so you don’t waste minutes contacting your loved ones. It’s important to keep in touch with them so we’re making it unlimited, just for you. Best of all, free international calling is included. Your family may be in other parts of the world and contacting them isn’t just hard, it can also be expensive. With our unlimited phone plan, you get free international calling to 21 destinations and discounted rates to more than 120 destinations worldwide. Our phone plans have reliable coverage as well, so you can reach your family in even the most remote areas.

It doesn’t just stop there – data is included in each plan as well. Surfing the internet and using data isn’t just for the young. Seniors are still able to surf, stream, and scroll through media – so we’re including 500 MB for no extra fees. That’s unlimited talk & text, free international calling and 500 Mb of data for only $25 – just like the good old days.

Being in the Military Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Need a Phone Plan

If you or your loved ones are on the front lines defending our great country or assisting in other military needs, guaranteed you will miss your old life, your old friends, and your loved ones. Having a phone with a great cellphone plan is a good way to keep communicating so you never feel distant with your family/friends – but it shouldn’t cost a fortune.

Allvoi’s 500 Min Plan and Unlimited 25 Plans are two great plans that will definitely suit your needs whether you’re on the front lines or not. Like our Seniors, the Unlimited 25 Plan comes with all those great benefits to help you so you never feel alone. Whether it’s communicating with friends on social media or vlogging your daily life to show people – it won’t cost you a fortune.

There are times though when all you can do is talk or text your friends/loved ones. We want to give you the best rate on talk & text without breaking your budget. At only $15, you get 500 minutes of talk 5 cents per message. Military persons don’t always have the privilege of the internet, so having a great plan rate for those who can only talk & text are what this plan is for.

Whatever the circumstance may be, Allvoi makes these plans personal and versatile for the everyday customer. We want you to know that you’re not wasting any money; and by choosing a plan from us, you’re investing in one of the best and reliable carriers in the market. Check out our plans now and read our other articles to save more!