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call us: 1-877-425-5864


Digital phone solutions for every business

Limited time offer!
Best phone deal for your business!

Only $25 $10 per line

  • UNLIMITED inbound minutes
  • 3000 outbound minutes every month
  • FREE international calls to 40 countries

* if you open an account before September 30th, 2017

At ALLVOI Business, we understand that every company is different and that every business has its own set of unique telecommunication needs.

If you want to improve your customers’ experience, integrate few offices into one centralized phone system, expand your company, move to a new location or simply slash the cost of your phone services, we are confident that ALLVOI Business will be able to fulfill your unique needs.

ALLVOI Business offers flexible phone solutions for small and mid-size businesses. All you need is reliable high-speed Internet connection.


We guarantee the highest level of provided services. We know very well that there is no margin for error while serving our customers.


We are able to adjust our offer to virtually every situation and assimilate your current phone system.


We want you to do more with your phone system. Serve your customers better and utilize the skills of your employees to the full extent.


We want you to save money and we promise that you will not only be able to do more with your phone service, you will also pay much less.


In a world of automated customer service lines, we offer personal customer service experience with your account manager ready to answer your call 7 days a week.

Yes, FAX works with ALLVOI® Business

Some people may tell you otherwise, but FAX communicationis still a very important tool in business.

ALLVOI Business offers you a unique solution that will let you use your conventional FAX machines.You can also keep your old fax number

How ALLVOI® Business works?

ALLVOI Business will provide you with the SIP trunks – high quality phone lines delivered to your office. You will not have to replace any equipment and you will be able to keep the extensions system that you are happy with. What will change is the price. You will start saving money immediately!

Our team of experts can help you design optimal phone system for your company. We can assist you in setting up the Virtual Assistant which will greet your customers and direct them to the right departments and employees.

We will train you to fully take advantage of all new features offered by ALLVOI Business. From advanced voice mail to conference calls and call transfers.

You will never miss another call. ALLVOI Business can simultaneously deliver incoming calls to multiple phone numbers including your cell phone.

You will be able to quickly add, remove and reconfigure the system without waiting for technician’s visit or paying for it. ALLVOI Business offers easy to use control panel giving you the access to its features and configuration.

If your business already has a phone system

If your business doesn't have a phone system

Save with allvoi business!


Perfect for small less than 10 team

$ 25 / per line
  • UNLIMITED inbound minutes
  • 3000 outbound minutes every month
  • FREE international calls to 40 countries

Smartphone and desktop applications

Virtual Receptionist

Music on hold

Conference calls

Follow me

Advanced call transferring

Advanced Caller ID

Toll-Free and local numbers

Advanced Voice Mail

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