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Read examples of what others have to say about ALLVOI plans, phones, features, quality and the tremendous savings they get on all their calls.  Email us about your experience with ALLVOI.

CEO of NeXplore Uses ALLVOI During Trip to Japan
"...On trips to Asia, hotel rates cost me $5 per minute. I made all of my international calls with the Allvoi softphone through my laptop. The calls connected quickly. The sound was clear. I talked to my wife and kids for free with the regular minutes that come with my plan. I saved over $200 on this trip."  Read More»

Neha Uses ALL Mobile to Call India from Her Cell Phone
"I am on the road 5 days a week to meet clients. I use ALL Mobile to make international calls from my cell phone to my family in India. In the past, the time difference caused me to wait until the weekend to call back home. Now I can call my parents during business hours by cell phone and I never worry about the cost. And I can get my voice mail from anywhere too.Read More»

Manish G. Saves on International and Domestic Calls
I am using Allvoi services now for past two weeks and I am very much satisfied with the quality of service, customer support provided. Also I have done lot of homework before taking this service and I found you as the cheapest especially if I need to call US, Canada and India.  Read More»

More Features & Benefits...
International calling plans offer 65 cities and countries that are free to plan subscribers. Pick up the phone and call home with free ALLVOI international plan minutes. When you activate Allvoi service, you’ll get equipment, you’ll get a regular telephone number, and you’ll be a member of the Allvoi network of customers.

Allvoi customers speak to one another for free. So if you are after truly remarkable international savings, ask your family or friends to sign up for Allvoi service too. Think about this, our intro domestic plan has an incredibly low rate of $6.99** per month. So if anyone you know signs up for Allvoi, you’ll always speak to them for free. All in-network calls are free no matter how long you talk. It doesn’t matter if you are calling across town or across the ocean; it’s still free between Allvoi customers. So for international callers, that’s an incredible feature of Allvoi service.

Allvoi customers also like the Allvoi Mobile feature. Since most people are frequently on the go, they love the freedom of getting and placing Allvoi calls from their cell phone. You don’t have to sit home waiting for a call from your circle of friends. With Allvoi, simply forward your Allvoi calls to your cell phone and you’ll always be reachable. If you want to call home while you’re out shopping, just dial our local access number and you’ll be able to place an Allvoi call from your cell phone. Once you’ve dialed into the Allvoi platform, you can make calls to any destination you like using Allvoi minutes and rates. This means you’ll have the freedom to make international calls too!

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** For 3 months. $9,99 after that.


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