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What is VoIP?
VoIP (voice over internet protocol) allows your voice to be carried over the internet via compression of voice into data packets that are converted back into high quality voice at the receiver’s location. VoIP is a low-cost alternative to traditional Public Switched Telephone Networks.

Tell me about ALLVOI
ALLVOI (All Voice Over Internet) is a digital calling service that is Powered by WDT, one of the most successful licensed telecommunications carriers specializing in incredibly low international calling rates. ALLVOI provides high quality/low cost calling whether your needs are local, long distance or international. ALLVOI was created for the millions of people and businesses who are ready to embrace the new wave of calling service to get more features than traditional phone service and save a lot of money doing it.

What Guarantee do you Provide?
ALLVOI will give your money back to you within 30 days if you are not satisfied.

How Technical is ALLVOI?
ALLVOI makes use of the internet to carry your voice. ALLVOI setup is easy. We provide instructions on the website and technical support over the internet. Most of our customers use our service within minutes of signup by simply downloading our SoftPhone (software that looks like the dialing pad of a phone). If you've ordered a phone adapter, you’ll only need to know how to plug your adapter into the broadband with a cable and to connect the device to the electric power source. The device will recognize your account and you’ll hear a dial tone and can start calling.

How are Payments Made?
ALLVOI accepts payments from valid credit or debit cards. We do not accept checks or cash or payments from one time use credit cards. You are charged the monthly plan rate plus fees, taxes, shipping (if you ordered a device) and the pro-rated portion of the month for the plan that you’ve selected. Each month thereafter, you pay for your plan on the first day of the month. We’ll automatically charge your credit or debit card and you’ll keep calling.

How Do I Use ALL Mobile?
Make international calls with your current cell phone using ALL Mobile.  Simply login to your account and add your cell phone number(s) to your account to use ALL Mobile from your cell phone(s).  Use the ALL Mobile access numbers to make calls anywhere around the world at ALLVOI's low rates.  ALL Mobile is only $0.01 per minute (cell phone minutes apply). There is no limit in number of cell phones registered for ALL Mobile.

Do you Have a Credit Limit?
If any of your calls were above the minute amount of your plan or to destinations not covered by your plan, that portion of your charges will be on your digital bill at the beginning of the next month. ALLVOI accounts have a credit limit of $50 which gives your account extra calling power if you need it. In the event that usage exceeds $50 before the end of the month, your credit limit will be replenished with a $50 charge on your credit card of record. Your up to the minute calling record is available to you in the My Account Login section of ALLVOI.

What are the Estimated Startup & Monthly Costs of ALLVOI Service?

ALLVOI Unlimited Nationwide Plan
(Unlimited Domestic Calling)
ALLVOI Unlimited Worldwide Plan
(Unlimited International Calling)
ALLVOI Unlimited Worldwide Premium Plan
(Unlimited International Calling with INDIA and RUSSIA)
Price - $6.99 Price - $6.99 Price - $9.99

Adapter Mini Device - $19.99
Adapter Mini Device (Retail Price)

Adapter Mini Device - FREE
Adapter Mini Device (Retail Price)

Adapter Mini Device - FREE
Adapter Mini Device (Retail Price)

Shipping Cost - $12.95 Shipping Cost - FREE Shipping Cost - FREE
Average Plan Startup Cost** - $39.93 Average Plan Startup Cost** - $6.99 Average Plan Startup Cost** - $9.99

*Taxes and Fees additional and vary by state and municipality

**All startup costs include estimated shipping ($12.95). Upgraded shipping and local pickup options are available. Actual prices vary slightly because taxes and fees vary by municipality and state. Cost of ALLVOI Unlimited Worldwide Plan and ALLVOI Unlimited Worldwide PREMIUM Plan reflect prices for 12-months contract option .SoftPhone is free to download with any plan. Startup costs may be lower with softphone (only) orders (pay no shipping or device fee). Prices do not include taxes and fees and are estimates of your actual bill.
**Average plan cost varies depending on the day of month you sign up. We prorate your bill so you only pay for the days remaining in the month, not the entire month upon signup. Some startup bills will be higher if you signup earlier in the month than reported in this table. The plan startup figures reported are averages.

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